Reinventing comfort food with deep-fried pasta delights. Join our flavorful journey and bring crispy joy to every occasion!

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Concluded on 5/1/2024

This is what it's all about.

Golden Balls is a culinary venture led by Alexandros Karat, owner of Palamonkey in Winterthur. The project aims to introduce innovative deep-fried pasta delights, such as lasagna and pasta balls with diverse flavors. Funds raised will support acquiring essential kitchen equipment for production. Backers can enjoy these unique creations through various reward tiers, while the project seeks to redefine comfort food and share its flavorful journey with the community.

Deep Fried Lasagna
Deep Fried Lasagna

My project is special because ...

Golden Balls stands out for its innovative twist on Italian classics—deep-fried lasagna and pasta balls. The project introduces a unique culinary experience, blending traditional flavors with a crispy edge. With a focus on delivery, parties, and festivals, Golden Balls caters to diverse tastes and occasions. Implementing this idea brings a fresh, delightful addition to the culinary landscape, offering something truly special and memorable.

Carbonara Pasta Ball
Carbonara Pasta Ball

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The funds from the wemakeit campaign will primarily be used to acquire essential kitchen equipment, including fryers, ovens, and various tools, crucial for perfecting our deep-fried pasta delights. The most exciting rewards include exclusive tastings, personalized deep-fried delicacies, and a unique party package with a curated menu for backers, bringing the Golden Balls experience directly to their homes. Your support ensures the success and expansion of this innovative culinary venture.

Deep fried Pasta Balls
Deep fried Pasta Balls