Goldfish EP Vinyl Production

by Martin von Siebenthal


Goldfish is a trio consisting of three longtime friends. Together we have produced five songs and now we want to release them as vinyl. For this we need your support!

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Successfully concluded on 7/12/2023

This is what it's all about.

«Goldfish» consists of Martin von Siebenthal (Keys), Tobias Upright (Guitar) and Lukas Gasser (Drums). We know each other for over 20 years and have already made music together in our youth.

The magic of our music lies in this familiarity of common musical roots, our friendship and in the common fascination of the groove. The three of us create a very special dynamic, which lives in the moment and is more than just the individual musicians added together.

Martin von Siebenthal brings with his synthesizers new sounds into the funk, jazz and blues influenced soundscape - from quiet pads, percussive stabs, shrill leads and deep basses. Tobias Obrecht stands out with his bluesy, funky guitar riffs and soulful guitar solos. And Lukas Gasser takes the groove to a higher level and brings the music together as the foundation.

All these elements culminate in a common «Goldfish» sound, an instrumental neo-soul with lush grooves, crunchy guitars and fresh analog synthesizers.

The EP is already produced and will be released digitally on November 25, 2023 together with a release concert. In addition, we also want to produce a limited edition of vinyls to make the music available to our listeners in an even more exclusive way. For this, Jonas Wyssen has designed an incredibly beautiful cover, which you absolutely have to physically hold in your hands.

  • Goldfish
  • Martin von Siebenthal
    Martin von Siebenthal
  • Tobias Upright
    Tobias Upright
  • Lukas Gasser
    Lukas Gasser

Vinyl love 🖤

All vinyl lovers know the special feeling when you hold a record in your hand and the difference when listening to it compared to a digital release. The cover was designed by Jonas Wyssen and will look great in combination with a golden vinyl record.

This is why we need your support.

The money flows exclusively into the financing of vinyl production. The production of records is costly and therefore justifiably not quite cheap. The edition will be limited to 100 pieces, so it will be a very exclusive record!