GRACIASBy Graciela María, on 29/4/2013 11:31

Hello !

Thanks again for your support, I will start the production of the Cds this week, so I think I will have them very soon :) I will contact you via e mail so you can tell me where I can send the Cd /postcard or Vinyl.

greetings and hugs!!


sososo happy for you (and us :)
you absolutely deserve it. you are one of the most creative, amazing, soulful artists ever and an incredible being to do all this for the people who love you.
Hallo G,

I am excited.

Greetings from Oldenburg

-From Others- live at Haus Ungarn april/2013By Graciela María, on 23/4/2013 18:49

THANK YOU :)By Graciela María, on 23/4/2013 18:11

Thanks to everyone to help me to make this possible! I’m very happy. Many many many thanks for your support!

Black lamentBy Graciela María, on 8/4/2013 10:31

SoonBy Graciela María, on 25/3/2013 08:40


Día de muertos 2012By Graciela María, on 22/3/2013 20:03

This was last year at Platoon Kunsthalle, hope you enjoy it!

Gracias!By Graciela María, on 16/3/2013 10:54

Gracias a los primeros que aportaron :)

Thank you Masumi and Jöel!

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Thanks Masumi :)
Looking forward to hear the album. Good luck.