Me and my music

My name is Graciela María, I’m a Mexican born singer/songwriter living in Berlin. Describing my own music is always difficult, but I would say it’s a mixture of folk, electronics and soulful deep pop music with influences from Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake and Radiohead.

The Project

The Berlin label «Project Mooncircle» will release my new album called «Olvido» at the beginning of April 2013. They specialize in vinyl and digital releases. So I would like to raise some money to also produce CDs of this album. A lot of people always ask me for CDs at shows or when they write to me. Some of the people that listen to my music don’t have a record player and like to still buy an album on CD.

I would like that my music reaches the most people possible. That’s why I need your support. Many thanks to all of you!

What you will get?

I will send a signed CD by post and also you can have a private little concert via Skype or even at your place if you live in Berlin or if you are close to it!