Here we are!

It’s the end of my Fashion design studies. After three years of studying Fashion design at HEAD in Geneva and a summer internship in London for palmer//harding, the time has finally reached for me to complete my last collection. Since the beginning of my studies, I have concentrated my work on one particular women : a curvaceous woman

The starting point of my collection was the desire to celebrate “this” woman. Contemporary art inspires me as much as my everyday surroundings. An every day life that can be risky and often surprising. A desire in my silhouettes is to combine an unconscious allure with a controlled attitude. I wish to tell you no more because I love surprising effects.

sheet materials gelatin-cutter-embroidery

research around different volumes, ruffles, curves and cut-outs

For my collection to become a reality I will need your help!

Your support will allow me to purchase the materials needed for my embroideries, fabrics, sewing supplies and for me to surround myself in the best way for my editorial (photographer, graphic designer…)

If I pass the desired budget

the money will go towards printing my portfolios and I could imagine planning a spectacular stage design for the day of my presentation.