Porn To Hula - South America Tour 2018

We are taking advantage of our network and are organizing a tour throughout Chile, Argentina and Uruguay in April/May 2018

We are offered concerts, a radio- and a studio session, plus screenings of our awarded documentary «The Long March» (2014, R: Philip Huemer, feat. Porn To Hula, Loten Namling). Especially in Chile, we’re looking forward to a discourse with the politically, culturally and artistically very active scene there.

Porn To Hula - beyond the cliché

We like dancing on the red carpet of Rock’n Roll Clichés, playing with stereotypes and don’t hesitate to set almost surreal tasks for us: No matter, if it is a co-operation with the tibetan freedom activist and gifted singer Loten Namling («The Long March», 2012-2014, LP, CD, DVD, Feature Documentary), performing beyond the boundaries of traditional gendering or implementing central american rhythms to our music, without ever getting predictable. That is, of course, a challenge to everyone, including our audience, and turns a Porn To Hula show into a sensual and physical event.

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We're lacking the plane tickets.

Being used to working D.I.Y. (with Panta RE and Rough Trade as distribution backing up), we established a well - developed, widespread network, touring in european countries such as Germany, Italy, France and Spain, aside from Austria. We always calculate in a way that let’s us perform independently from potential investors or fundings. Basically, it’s the same with the tour in South America: taking in account the outcome of our shows in Europe, our will to invest an amount by ourselves for «higher reasons», if you may, and adding an expectably low average of fees in South America, we are able to finance that tour by ourselves, again. But we are not able to also invest in the plane tickets without additional help. Since the organizers of the tour appear to be very committed, offering us 13 concerts, several film screenings, plus a radio- and a studio recording session, we believe it’s definitely worth taking the chance to present the band full scale, as the kind of «art project» we practice it for almost 20 years now.

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