Grand Canard Blanc – CD

by Grand Canard Blanc

Lausanne, Vevey, and Lucerne

Grand Canard Blanc is going to record his first album in studio and needs you to make the project concrete!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 6/3/2015

Who we are?

We are Grand Canard Blanc, an acoustic music band created in 2011 by old friends. After about fifty concerts betweeen 2012 and 2014, we are going to record our new album in studio.

What’s the project?

Our purpose for 2015 is to make even more concerts. With your help, we want to record a 12 songs album in studio. The album will allow us to define our position better, in the swiss music industrie. And occur in more shows. The CD will contain songs present on the demo, new songs and others that we have never recorded before.

The title of the album, «Pirates de l’ère atomique», is a reference about our actual society. With The increase of the informatic and domotic technologies. It also remind us that we are all pirates from the 21 century.

The music style?

The songs illustrate several stories and situations from the real life. Kind of parodic and full of musical and kinematics wink. Our songs are a mix between styles like jazz, rock, metal, latino….etc Full of humor and derision you’ll be transported in world that is as pretty as tyrannic. An acoustico-metalo-comico style

Find here 3 songs that illustrate the diversity of our music:

  1. Au delà des étoiles
  2. Les sentiments
  3. Les dents de la mère du grand requin blanc

Here a musical video about Las Vegas and addiction to games

Why are we on «»?

Simply because a CD production cost a lot of money and we don’t have enough to pay the entire production on our own.

We stand for the «do it yourself» but after several try, it became imperative to have a professionel help. Peolple who can provide us material and advices about recording. We are going to record our album with the studio «Blend Studio». This studio is active on the swiss scene since 15 years.

What will you receive?

The main purpose is to produce our album and that’s what you will get. Beside the CD you can choose among other prices like, music lessons, t-shirt, fondue with the band…etc

Every idea for a price could be added during the month of our wemakeit so don’t hesitate to submit your wishes for other prices on our facebook page!

The price cover it all?

The purpose is not to make some money but to produce a disc with low costs for us.Our wemakeit price will cover only the recording but that’s all. That’s why you should’nt hesitate to help us event if the goal is reached. Perhaps it will allow us to record one more song on the album :)

All the bend thanks you for your help and hope to see you one day at one of our concert ! Follow us on facebook to have regular news about the project.