EduArt Art Project/ Graphics T-Shirt

I had a vision: to adapt my Graphics Works of Art to T-shirts and have them printed on. Being a musician comes with the need to showcase and share my own creations with an audience.The format of pictures limits me to people who actually wish to have such works of art hanging on their walls. This new idea, however, gives me an opportunity to present a Limited edition Graphics T-Shirt and share them with a wider audience.

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Limited Edition Graphics T-Shirt designed by me

Visual arts represent a very creative activity for me, in which I can express myself as a « composer»outside the realm of music. I find great pleasure in this activity that allows me to learn more about creativity. I can then pass on this knowledge when I teach and when I work on new music pieces. Since I am a concert artist, I travel frequently. I would love to make my graphics creations with me , but it is not always possible to take pictures with me as it does present considerable difficulties regarding transportation. I would simply like to transfer my new ideas onto fabric that I can always take with me , wear, give others as presents, or offer at my concerts, so the audience has a chance to get a nice souvenir. I regard this project as a beginning , providing a new plattform for many interesting and creative things, giving room for development. I think it is wonderful that we can express our appreciation of art to others by actually wearing ART. Therefore , the realization of this project is quite imortant for me…..

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Limited Edition numbered, printed Graphics T-Shirt

The Limited Edition Graphics T-Shirts are meticulously produced abroad, since they involve a secial print on the whole surface of the T-shirts. As a first step, I received a test version , and only then did I make the decision to order more pieces. In order to finance the order of 100 pieces and the coast of shipping , it is essential to raise the necessary funds.

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