GreenAware - Vivre entre ciel et terre

We want to establish GreenAware with the aim of bringing new natural therapeutic products to Switzerland, which are provided by the trusted and popular therapeutic specialists. The Sylfos laboratory, specializing in floral and energy essences and Biossentiel, specializing in aromatherapy.

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My project is special because ...

Working as a company specializing in importing, producing and distributing of therapeutic products, we normally work directly with various retailers such as drugstores, pharmacies, SPA centers, therapists, etc… But we think at you and want to interact directly with you through conferences and trainings. Whether you are a therapist or simply you are just interested in natural therapies, you will find a certain interest. If you would like to see all the details of our future ranges, click here.

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What your support will help

Through your participation, we will be able to: • Buy our initial stock and laboratory equipment. • To revamp a laboratory space according to the standards in force. • Register and be present at the health fairs closest to you.

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