Greenwoman in India

I have the chance to go on tour in India with my new project Greenwoman at the end of this month. As soon as this tour was confirmed I began to dream of shooting a video clip, a colorful Bollywoodesque video with dancers dancing to unknown rhythms, a sunset, elephants and bearded sadhus…

A video clip in Bollywood

An autonomous and unreal community, a swaying culture, a transcendent dance, a discovery – or also an initiation. At the bend in a path a highway is growing. Such themes will frame the production of Greenwoman’s music video. The screenplay is kept secret like Appenzeller’s recipe.

When? How?

The shooting will happen in Mumbai (Bombay) in December where we’ll meet with the technical crew.

Why do we need your support?

On top of our own financial contribution this project requires another CHF 3’500 minimum to rent gear, pay the technical crew in India, the dancers and extras including elephants! Your contribution will exclusively be spent on paying the fee for local participants. If we end up with more money than we’d expected, we’ll be able to pay them more!

Why India?

Firstly this tour provides the perfect opportunity: the band will already be there so there’s no need to organise an extra journey for the shooting. And Mumbai is after all one of the world’s leading capitals for cinema offering many facilities. Finally the Greenwoman project was born in India as the first songs sprouted during an artist’s residency in Chennai supported by Pro Helvetia which Claire (the singer of the project) and I shared last January.

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What’s next?

As soon as we’ll be back: editing, post-production, recording of the album in January. It should come out together with the first sprints of spring.


  • rental technical material: CHF 950
  • shooting crew (6 persons): CHF 1’150
  • costumes, make up: CHF 450
  • dancers, extras, animals: CHF 950
  • Total: CHF 3’500

Band membres

  • Malcolm Braff (keyboards, composition)
  • Claire Huguenin aka Jibcae (vocals)
  • Björn Meyer (bass)
  • Lukas Koenig (drums)
  • Alexandre Gaeng (live video, visuals and lights)