Why support Gyspet ?

For several decades, flowers have been part of our daily lives. Beautiful and delicate, it is offered as a gift, used as a decorative element and is constantly embellishing our living spaces and offices.

With the digitisation of consumption patterns, the purchase of flowers is now done in a few clicks on the web, but how many of us have already been disappointed by receiving a bouquet that does not match the one ordered online?

More importantly, did you know that every month more than on third of the cut flowers sold online, usually in the form of multi-product catalogues, end up in the garbage?

Against this background, we have set ourselves the mission of changing the way flowers are bought online by first of all keeping our promises on freshness, quality, origin and aesthetics, but above all by offering an eco-responsible alternative to the considerable waste caused by this industry.

As we became aware of the impact that flower production has on the planet, we thought it was time to react.

That’s why at Gypset, a new generation online florist, we have chosen to adopt the SLOWFLOWERS principle.

Thus we offer only one flower arrangement per week and place our orders with producers according to demand while favouring short cycles.

Because we care about environmental and social issues, we have chosen to use seasonal products and work with Fairtrade© labelled plants.

Furthermore, we looked at packaging methods, and we decided to ban single-use plastic and use only recycled or more sustainable materials.

Finally, we have decided to deliver our bouquets by bicycle and electric car in order to reduce our company’s carbon footprint.

However, we thought it would be a pity to limit ourselves only to our pretty Neuchâtel lands, so we deliver our bouquets in 24 hours by post and its service « Carbon-neutral shipping » using a kraft cardboard packaging system in order to become happiness carriers throughout Switzerland.

When it comes to making someone’s day, no detail is too small.

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What makes gypset different?


1) A unique flower bouquet, redesigned each week according to the arrivals

2) Flower bouquets available in three sizes (Nano, Mezzo, Jumbo)

3) Flower subscriptions of 3, 6 and 12 months at variable frequencies

4) Supplies from regional producers or Fairtrade© labelled producers for imports

5) Tailor-made offers for privates and corporates

6) Floral workshops in small groups

7) Plastic-free packaging, only made with natural and durable materials.

8) Deliveries within the hour by bike in Neuchâtel town

9) Deliveries by electric car in 3 hours throughout the Neuchâtel region

10) Fast deliveries throughout Switzerland the next day before 1pm with the postal service « carbon-neutral shipping »

This is what I need backing for.

Because I believe strongly in Gypset, I put all my heart, time and savings into it. I trained for months before looking for regional partners with the same vision and concerns about the environment as I do. Then I worked tirelessly to build a unique brand with a fresh and positive universe. I have surrounded myself with talented and passionate service providers to create the showcase site and all the photo/video visuals I have been sharing since April with a caring and growing online community.

Today Gypset is ready to blossom and I need you to help me make this responsible entrepreneurial project a beautiful and true floral adventure.

The funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign will be used to complete my investments for the creation of the online store and the layout of the Gypset studio.

The funds will be used to:

  • E-shop
  • Furniture for the studio
  • Climatic chamber
  • Purchase of an electric van for deliveries

In sum, everything I need to make Gypset’s Studio a new green space in Neuchâtel downtown, allowing the creation of eco-responsible bouquets but also the hosting of floral workshops and other GREEN events.

Thank you in advance for your support, I hope to be able to come and embellish your daily life with my flowers soon.


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