Aloha! With the HANA HOU Hawaii Festival (’hana hou’ is Hawaiian for ’encore’), we celebrate the 152nd anniversary of the 1864 Friendship Treaty between the Hawaiian Islands and Switzerland. We want to remind you of the friendliness and serenity of the Hawaiian Islands and to revive the mutual Hawaiian-Swiss relationship.

The Hawaiian Islands and Switzerland have much in common, which we want to explain in this first annual HANA HOU Hawaii Festival. Our team builds this cultural platform solely on our passionate volunteerism. This catalyst creates an exciting future of cooperation and opportunity. Among many aspects, we entreat you from your hectic world to Polynesia for relaxation.

Featuring two notable musicians from the Hawaiian Islands.

Also featuring a Swiss Hula Halau (dance group), whose Kumu Hula (teacher of dance source) is taught on the Island of Hawaii.

Next, HANA HOU Hawaii Festival is an opportunity for a student exchange between Swiss and Hawaiian music lovers. The «Voices of change» musical organization based on Hawaii Island offers a place for music students from Switzerland.

At the HANA HOU Hawaii Festival, we encourage you to participate in Hawaiian cultural workshops. Through documentaries produced by a Hawaii Island-based film production team, experience Hawaiian culture and history. A selection of documentaries provides a fresh perspective of the Hawaiian Islands.

HANA HOU Hawaii Festival offers current events and discussions with prominent figures from the Hawaiian Islands and Switzerland. From this collection of interviews, musical performances, workshops and student cultural exchanges, you experience the aloha spirit. The 1864 Friendship Treaty introduces «more serenity and friendliness» today than the Swiss workforce is used to experiencing.

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Content and Activities

LT Smooth (from New Zealand and currently resides on Hawaii Island) has a large Repertoire and a Multi-award nominee. Maui-based, multipe music Award winner, Willie K. plays Hawaiian folk with a specialty in blues.

Hula Dance provided by the local Swiss Halau Aloha Spirit, whose kumu Hula Trains from Hawaii Island.

Workshops: HANA HOU Hawaii Festival attendees may actively participate at the following Hawaiian cultural workshops:

  • Hula (’Auana [Modern Dance] and Kahiko [traditional dance])
  • Ukulele music (ukulele, singing, traditional instruments, etc. )
  • Lei making, basket weaving
  • Tapa Keiki Corner: an area for children where they can learn to play old Hawaiian games

For your generous support, you can find all the rewards.

Why do we need your support?

Unfortunately, the Hawaiian Islands are not around the corner from Switzerland; it is the most distant and isolated archipelago in the world. Therefore, the travel expenses come at a price; it is necessary to provide airfare in business class for the musicians. The fees and other expenses such as hotel, meals, insurance, work permit, etc. for five musicians raise our baseline budget to CHF 50,000. Unfortunately, we cannot afford a financial cushion. Our team has dedicated time-and-a–half into HANA HOU Hawaii Festival while holding full-time positions.

In order to finance the flight and accommodations, we rely on your generous support and help in sharing and spreading this campaign to your contacts to make the first HANA HOU Hawaii Festival in Switzerland a reality.



When and Where?

This is the first one-day HANA HOU Hawaii Festival to take place in Zurich on Saturday, August 20, 2016. A full day of Hawaii and Hawaiian culture to celebrate the 152nd anniversary of the Friendship Treaty between the Hawaiian Islands and Switzerland. Come celebrate with us! Come enjoy «Hawaiian Time»! Join new friends and experience Hawaiian culture!

Why help us?

  • we bring Hawaiian culture to Switzerland!
  • You preview Swiss works-of-art!
  • You experience a new musical genre in Switzerland.
  • You promote musical interest and curiosity for Swiss youth.
  • You taste the Hawaiian Islands closer than a daydream.
  • You celebrate the Friendship Treaty of 1864 between the Hawaiian Islands and Switzerland.

With your generous financial support, you receive a Hawaiian-style respite. With a successful crowdfunding campaign for HANA HOU Hawaii Festival, we show our mutual friendship with the Hawaiian Islands.

What makes us different?

  • We provide a Swiss platform for art and culture from the Hawaiian Islands.
  • We offer Hawaiian cultural workshops.
  • We feature Swiss hula halau.
  • We showcase Hawaiian produced documentaries, featuring their challenges and their future.
  • We bring prominent figures from the Hawaiian Islands for discussions and Questions & Answers.
  • The Swiss-Hawaiian Friendship Treaty features Swiss artists’ creations.
  • We celebrate the 1864 Friendship Treaty shared between the Hawaiian Islands and Switzerland.

Who are we?

We are an enthusiastic, professional, music-loving, international team of six individuals (one member is back on Hawaii Island), who have dedicated our private time to promote cultural exchanges between Switzerland and the Hawaiian Islands. Two of our Swiss-based teammates are from the Hawaiian Islands. Similar to our HANA HOU Hawaii Festival idea, our friendship and commonality had us found and register a Swiss non-profit association: Sugar Cane Culture Club. The purpose: Exchange of cultures in the minority, support of minority cultures, educational exchanges with minority cultures.


Thank you

First, a big MAHALO (thank you) for taking time to read our campaign. Another big MAHALO goes to you for your financial support and word-of-mouth advertising. – MAHALO NUI—THANK YOU!

Another big MAHALO goes to «wemakeit»! The professional and competent team of wemakeit supported us in every way with excellent tips. MAHALO NUI, wemakeit!