Hand Crafted footwear

Peshawari Chapal is a century old footwear for men and it takes its name from the city of Peshawar. Made from soft leather and rubber sole, which makes it a sturdy long-lasting wear. The design is sleek and stylish and it can be worn for any occasion. It is hand stitched by one of the most experienced craftsmen and therefore it has the best quality and finish with precision. Inspired by the Peshawari Chapal, famous fashion designer Paul Smith created a similar Sandal back in 2014.

Craftsmen have always inspired me and therefore I was determined to make this craft known to the world. Therefore I decided to launch Majesty footwear with the help of backers from wemakeit.

Our footwear collection will consist of all kinds of shoes like moccasins, boots, slippers and more. However in order to launch our project we present to you our finest creation «The Peshawari Chapal».


Craftsmanship meets modern design

In order to sell more and more shoes big brands choose to lower the quality, attention to detail and bring something which is easier for them to produce and sell in bulk. But we are going to prioritize quality over quantity and will work directly with the craftsman. We will draw and design each shoe style ensuring top quality from design to development.

The Chapal is beautifully designed and stitched by our experienced craftsman with precision and quality. One pair of Chapal takes around 2 to 3 hour to make.


This is what I need backing for.

In order to launch our brand and bring our shoe collection we need to raise at least Eur 10,000.

Your support will help us develop a E commerce Store, fund craftsmen salary, and meet the cost of buying leather and other materials.

These craftsman are a real talent and most of them are from low income families. Therefore it will be also a good cause to make a source of living for these craftsman and reward them better for their skill.