Support our school whose mission is to accompany all students in their global development, thanks to an innovative and attractive pedagogy and which will offer them a rewarding and motivating environm

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 22/6/2022

Ecole Harmonie : the pleasure of learning

In Geneva, the Ecole Harmonie needs your help to open its first class.
The mission of the Ecole Harmonie is to support all students in their overall development. Thanks to an innovative and attractive pedagogy, it will offer them a rewarding and motivating environment that will allow them to learn with pleasure while being actors of their learning. At Ecole Harmonie, students will find, or rediscover, the pleasure of learning and will turn their differences into strengths in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Pleasure to learn

The first foundation is based on the pleasure of learning. A motivated student who has confidence in himself and in his learning will be a student who will have all the keys necessary to build his future. In a constantly changing world, we want our students to be actors in their learning, to think for themselves and for themselves.

Learn differently

Ecole Harmonie differs from traditional learning methods and wants to be innovative by offering a hybridization of alternative pedagogies. We build on the strengths of active pedagogies, project pedagogies, design thinking and «forest school», so that each student develops their maximum potential. Our students benefit from a cognition workshop in which they exploit their strengths and weaknesses, develop learning strategies and approaches that make sense to them. They deploy their own ways of learning and give a common thread to their learning.

Differences : a strength Each individual is different thanks to the variability of the skills of each other as well as a great social wealth. We believe that all children can learn and progress in their learning. Thus, we attach great importance to the rigorous follow-up of all our students, whatever their needs. We offer all the necessary tools by listening to everyone’s differences.

Openness to languages

With a priority given to learning French, Ecole Harmonie also teaches English and German for openness to the world.

Une approche pédagogique unique

  • A hybrid of alternative pedagogies
  • Cognition workshop to learn how to learn
  • Bilingual immersion
  • An inclusive school
  • Numerous meetings with external speakers
  • Unique class camps in a 42 hectare estate in neighbouring France

What will your support be used for ?

In order to meet the pedagogical and educational objectives of the Harmonie School, we intend to acquire a variety of materials :

  • Materials for learning difficulties
  • Bicycle desks
  • Lamps specially designed for dys students
  • Educational games
  • Books for the library
  • Classroom furniture

Any surplus will be invested in :

  • Additional teaching materials
  • Welcoming children from low-income families
  • Hire external speakers