We organize showcases, concerts, as well as writing, film, and stage expression workshops completely free for participants! All facilitated by arts and education professionals for accessible art for e

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Harmony Days - Workshops

Harmony Days: History of Workshops

Harmony Days is primarily composed of artists and enthusiasts united by a common, unifying goal: «Creating unforgettable memories together.» This applies not only to the audience but also to artists, performers, producers, and those behind the scenes who are often too little mentioned. Acting for communities, minorities, and youth has been part of our mission from the start since our foundation in July 2017. Thanks to the support of a solid network of professionals in the socio-educational field, we can offer both entertaining and educational support.

Why these workshops?

Writing, in the broadest sense, represents a significant part of our creative process, eloquently expressing ideas that are sometimes fleeting in the air. Songs, stories, scripts, mood boards allow us to put our dreams on paper, giving them substance and life. Always driven by the desire to convey and inspire, HARMONY DAYS offers to introduce participants to the ancient art of storytelling, whether fantastic or not, uplifting, or even frightening, as long as it embodies what you want to convey to the audience.

Music Workshop: At the beginning of the year, we had the privilege of participating as speakers in the music workshop on «Rap» initiated by the La Fontanelle Foundation in Mex (St-Maurice), VS, thanks to the trust, ingenuity, and openness of this wonderful institution.

Common Goals Achieved: • Strengthening oral and written expression • Writing and text/song analysis sessions • Joint and individual creation of new pieces • Introduction to music production • Participation of 15 young people who discovered a passion • 1-hour video documentation • A concert in front of 250 people • Good visibility through the newspaper «Le Nouvelliste»

  • Showcase FDM - Lausanne
    Showcase FDM - Lausanne
  • Showcase FDM - Lausanne
    Showcase FDM - Lausanne
  • Showcase FDM - Lausanne
    Showcase FDM - Lausanne

Workshop HD - Comics / Mangas

Workshop HD - Comic:

We have just completed the development of a new workshop that we will offer to schools and socio-educational institutions starting from December 2023.

We combine immersion and co-creation in the world of graphic novels (comics/mangas) through entertaining workshops with a strong connection to the school French curriculum. Participants create their own story with professionals in storytelling and illustration!

Number of participants: 4-6 people Structure over 14 modular sessions

Common objectives: • Discover a new activity while having fun • Create a story in A5 format with about ten pages • Produce about twenty illustrations • Improve French language skills • Express oneself through writing • Develop artistic expression • Exchange and share visions • Highlight the appreciation of young individuals through the production of a tangible end product: a comic.

Our approach: The Harmony Days workshops, designed for youth aged 15 to 25 in French-speaking Switzerland, adopt a unique psychosocial approach. These free workshops, spread over 14 modular sessions, are open to households, schools, and community centers, promoting a participatory and inclusive approach.

The initiators: A dedicated expert duo behind this innovative project! A duo of initiators with a Bachelor’s degree in social work - Loriane Thomas - and over 10 years of educational experience in the school domain - Laura Jane Ramachurn.

We also collaborate with passionate female illustrators directly from the local scene. Their passion and commitment manifest in an innovative approach to the psychosocial well-being of young people.

The playful approach: A creative and joyful adventure at the heart of each session, where the playful aspect comes to life, transforming personal expression into a collective adventure. Participants are invited to explore their creativity interactively, creating a learning environment that is as positive as it is inclusive.

Creative expression: Let’s create a unique comic! The creative adventure reaches its peak with the development of an original story that resonates with us.

  • Sticker HD
    Sticker HD
  • Résumé

Workshops «Côté cour»with : Rita Moreira

Workshops «Côté cour»:

Welcome to «Côté cour,» a captivating workshop that goes far beyond ordinary stage expression! Brought to you by Harmony Days, this free workshop open to everyone promises you an unforgettable experience, led by a genuine professional actress: Rita Moreira!

Unique Benefits: Imagine a space where laughter and expression become superpowers! «Côté cour» immerses you in an adventure where you will discover stage expression in all its facets. Moments of laughter that liberate, stage expression exercises that reveal your creativity, and an atmosphere where each participant is encouraged to shine.

Inclusivity at the Heart of the Experience: At Harmony Days, we believe in inclusivity. This workshop is designed to welcome all identities, voices, and forms of creativity. No matter who you are, «Côté cour» invites you to be yourself in a supportive environment where everyone is respected and valued.

Funded by Harmony Days: Money should never be a barrier to discovering the comedic potential within you. That’s why everything is fully funded by Harmony Days. Free and accessible to all, this workshop offers a unique opportunity without financial barriers.

Energizing Objectives: Immerse yourself in the world of theater and acting and discover how stage expression can be a catalyst to develop your social skills, strengthen your confidence, and provide an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of this sometimes mysterious world. Fun activities, improvisation games, and moments of sharing await you for an unforgettable experience.

Radiant Conclusion: Ready to unleash your potential? Join us at «Côté cour» and discover a vibrant community where laughter and expression become a celebration of diversity. Harmony Days offers you this unique chance to flourish and create unforgettable memories. Dare the adventure, let your most creative ideas speak!

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes Location: Lausanne / Fribourg / Geneva Number of Participants: Maximum 10 people

Workshop Structure:

Games, entertaining exercises

Build trust within the group and with the partner Demystify mistakes and make them with pleasure Develop listening and reacting within the group Improvisation & Inspiration

Tell a story, experience a situation (in pairs) Use personal anecdotes from partners as a source of play and inspiration Be inspired by what partners suggest as a game to develop your own plot Try several scenes with the entire group


  • Jeremy Crausaz - Harmony Days Festival
    Jeremy Crausaz - Harmony Days Festival
  • Harmony Days Festival
    Harmony Days Festival
  • Rita Moreira - Comedien.ch
    Rita Moreira - Comedien.ch
  • Sticker HD - Arts
    Sticker HD - Arts