What it’s about

Finally the waiting has come to an end! We have recorded our second album!

The album was recorded at Working Class Studios, also known as our rehearsal room, by us and our live-sound engineer Jean-Claude Pache. We’ve recorded everything live to keep it alive and give it the concert touch, because thats what we do best.

The songs were mixed by none other than John Agnello in New York, who has helped bands like Sonic Youth, Madrugada, Patti Smith and many others to get their sound. If you have been at one of our shows lately, you will have heard some of the new material. And as a teaser, you can listen to «Brainwashing Television» which will also be on the album, but in a newly recorded version.

We have already put alot of energy and money in the production of the album and we could always count on our friends, but we still need your help to cover the expenses for mixing, mastering, artwork and pressing of the record.

Now its up to you!

Not only will you get a great record, a wet handshake and a place in our hearts forever, but you can get yourself some seriously cool goodies because they are special and one of a kind.

The Goodies

Go and check them out now, because availability may be limited. There’s something for everyone; Gigs in your home, limited special edition vinyl’s and CD’s, come to festivals with us, handprinted t-shirts by us, artworks from the Videoclip and even be in the next videoclip!

Thank you already for making this happen! So don’t wait and get your goodie now!