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Danish Milliner, living, loving and working in Vienna, Austria, and ready to conquer the world. Since I was a little girl, I´ve been wearing hats, and as I found that you can actually become a hatmaker, I knew what I wanted to become.

I was trained by Per Falk Hansen, hatmaker of HRH Queen Margrethe of Denmark, and with internships in Vienna. I moved to Vienna after my diploma, and here started my own label, which has now been asked to present at Vancouver Fashion Week in March 2017!
For this I need to raise money for the flight, accommodation, marketing materials and shipping and handling of the hats.

About the Collection

Winter is in my opinion already cold and dark enough, so let´s bring in some colour. It is flashy on top, using the traditional hatmaking materials; felt, fur, knits and wollen fabrics.

The style is femine, but with a boyish twist and most of all suitable for everyday.

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