Making the most of life's UPS and DOWNS

Hi, I’m Dorte and I’m excited to introduce my project which is focused on raising money for the editing and publishing of my book - Healthy, Happy & Hot.

I believe that we all have the choice and ability to create a truly amazing life and that we all deserve it too. My book is written to show you exactly how this is done; how to be healthy, happy and hot. And it shows you how to turn your life experiences - especially the more challenging ones - into opportunities to get create the life you want to live.

My desire is to publish the Happy, Healthy and Hot book and I need YOUR help to ensure that my mission comes true by ensuring this message reaches all of the people who need help through my message, to be able to see how to step up and create rapid change and transformation.

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Thriving is optional

You have to believe in yourself to reach your dreams or goals. And if life’s been a bit rough and things haven’t gone your way, it’s easy to lose that belief because such experiences tend to hold us back.

It’s my mission to show you why life’s more challenging experiences should not be seen as lack of ability or an indication that you’re on the wrong path. Instead, every time you reach an obstacle, it’s a chance to own the control you hold over your destiny and to develop your own deeply resourceful beliefs and behaviours so that you can become attuned to creating the specific outcomes and results that you want.

The book shows you how to turn feelings of fear or doubt into inspired action towards your personal vision by using your mind, your health, the way you live and the way you perceive yourself and in fact use all of your experiences to become someone stronger, more capable and more inspired. In essence it allows you to live as the person you most want to be in the reality you desire to see.

It’s a decision to thrive and that’s what you will see how to do in the book.

I need YOU to get my message out to where it's needed

Please help me get my book out by supporting my project. I need to raise money to pay for the editing and publishing process - because I wish to get the book out to as many people as possible and as soon as possible.

The book is nearly written. But apart from finishing the writing, it needs a lot of other work before it’s ready to hit the book shelves. Notably it needs editing and work with a publishing professional to help be of the very best level of quality for my readers to get the right high quality product.

Other tasks include design and layout as well as the actual publishing (via self-publishing) and printing processes. My crowdfunding project is aimed at raising money for these processes which are otherwise impossible for me to carry out.

If all goes well, the investment you make to help me self publish will also support the initial marketing of the book.