Del Sur Tango Cuarteto

TANGO FANS: WE NEED YOUR HELP! Due to last minute complications and our intention not to cancel the 2019 summer tour with Marco Antonio Fernandez (the unbelievably great bandoneonist from El Arranque, Orquesta Pichuco, Entre Rios, amongs other) we are now in a position where we have to buy new last minute tickets for him from/to Argentina. And yes, they are pretty expensive. Therefore, we need to ask for your help. Every little helps matter. We would like to ask you to cover a part of the flight tickets (we will add the rest).To the one who helps us with more then 50 euros we will send a signed CD of Marco. See some videos below in the link section.


My project is special because ...

We had amazing concerts in the past months around Europe.

Help to support Marco's flights.

Marco is one of the most amazing bandoneonists in the world. Playing with him and listening to him is a privilege.