URGENT: FEBRUARY 3RD, 2020 DEADLINE- Help Gabriela Finish Medical School

Gabriela Almeida is a 24-year-old medical student from Itaperuna, Brazil. Since 2016, she has been pursuing her childhood dream of becoming a doctor by studying medicine at UNIFESO, the university clinic at Teresópolis in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Gabriela is an outstanding student with excellent marks. She works incredibly hard and has earned the respect of her professors and the love and admiration of her peers. She is supposed to graduate in 2020, but she is now facing some seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

When she started school, Gabriela was able to secure a student loan to pay for 50% of her medical education. She was responsible for funding the balance. Until recently, Gabriela’s parents owned a small business in the textile sector, which covered her monthly education bills of BRL 4,500.00 (approx. EUR 1,000.00/USD $1,100.00) and allowed her to focus on her studies.

Tragically, Gabriela’s mother died two years ago after a short, severe illness. Last year, her father also fell ill and had to undergo several surgeries. As a result, he was unable to continue running the family business. The company went bankrupt leaving Gabriela’s medical education hanging in the balance.

Since 2018, Gabriela has been walking a tightrope trying to complete her studies. Her family has given all they have to support her, selling their valuables, as well as their car, to pay her tuition.Her classmates at the University of Teresópolis organized a crowdfunding campaign to which several private donators contributed. Through the generosity of her own community, Gabriela was able to stay in school in 2019. However, she now faces tuition in the amount of BRL 23,000 (EUR 5,000.00/USD $5,700.00), which is due immediately in order to complete her studies.

The University of Teresópolis will not be admitting Gabriela for her final academic year of 2020 if this amount is not paid by the beginning of February. We cannot allow this to happen! Please join us in supporting this amazing young woman by contributing to our campaign goal of EUR 5,000.00/USD 5,700.00 by the beginning of February. Gabriela and I are counting on you!

For more information, please contact Michael Haenni. If you wish, you may contact Gabriela directly in Portuguese or English, We are glad to arrange the contact.

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Gabriela's future is at stake

If Gabriela can’t raise another EUR 5,000 by the beginning of February, all of her hard work will be in vain.

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University Tuition in the amount of EUR 5,000 due by February 3rd, 2020

The entire sum of the campaign goes to Gabriela to complete the last year of her medical studies.

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