Help to return to sport and fulfill the dream!

Hey all! My name is Alexey, I am 23 years old. I am a master of sports in kayaking and Canoeing from Belarus. National champion and participant of European and world Championships among juniors and youth. Member of the national team. I served in the army, graduated from the school of Olympic reserve, have higher education of sports University.

One year ago there was a trouble with me, I got a serious injury during training ( chest muscle detachment). I had an operation and more than six months I could not train and perform heavy physical activity. Because of this, my muscles and body became weak, I could not take part in training and competitions. I was told to say goodbye to sports… I was rejected by the coach and I no longer receive support in training and funding.

But I’m still ready to train and win! I believe in myself and that I will be able to recover and prove to everyone that I am a worthy athlete of the international class!

Help me to implement the project! The collected funds will be used to purchase sports equipment, ensure quality training process, nutrition and pharmacological support of the body throughout the training season 2019 - 2020. Preparation for the European and world Championships in 2020

You can follow how I train in my instagram, where I will publish photos and videos from training.

Help me fulfill my dream, continue to play sports and perform at international competitions. With your help, I have a chance! Thank you!


My project is special because ...

My project won’t save the world, but it will save my life, my dream to be the best. It will help me to remain an example for children who see how I train and also want to become better. This project will help people who believe in me, who helped me and supported me when I trained and won, they will be happy to see me in action again!


This is what I need backing for.

I need support because I do not have enough money and strength to train. I have to work all day for a small salary, and in my free time I train hard. It is very difficult and I just do not have the strength and money for it all. I’m not getting enough rest and eating enough, because of what all my efforts are reduced to minimum. I can fix this and get better only with your help.