Help the Helpers – Sri Lanka

by Mercedes & Phil


Drinkable water for Sri Lankan families. We search supporters for our «Help the Helpers» project, financing water filters donated to the poorest of the poor.

EUR 1’270

127% of EUR 1’000

"127 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 31/8/2022

Water filter donation for Sri Lankan families

Help the Helpers is a humanitarian service, where one simple action can transform and save lives. If you are reading this, you are lucky enough to have access to a device connected to internet.

This project was founded by «Sam», a local citizen and meditation center owner, that dedicates parts of his life helping and serving the poorest communities most in need.

In a modern world, full of luxury, we tend to forget about the basic needs, take them for granted. As you may know, water is one of the most essential elements of life. The human body needs a lot of water to function correctly, and a person may only survive a few days without it.

This project is based on the act of kindness to donate water filters to the ones that most needs, with only 20€ we can save lives.

This is our contribution for a better world, for raising consciousness about the impact that each one of us can have with a simple act of giving. By giving a small amount and a material part of what we have, we receive the most beautiful feeling of love, fullfilment and the sensation of doing the service, humanitarian service.

We donate water filters for clean drinking water

The wonderful thing about the project «help the helpers»: Each EURO goes a 100% (deducted a small fee for We-make-it) to the families. Meaning: There are no administration costs for the organisation. 20 EUR = 1 water filter plus delivery to the families most in need - which guarantees clean drinking water for the next years.

The water filter itself is produced in Sri Lanka.

Rally through Easter Europe - we raise awareness

Starting on the 18th august we start our Charity Rally through the Eastern part of Europe. The goal is to raise awareness for the topic «clean drinking water» while we are on an adventure ourselves:

14 days, 13 countries, 4000km, a 20 year old car, no GPS, no navigation system.

With our old Mini Cooper, we start our journey in Dresden/Germany and are full of excitement. The rally is completely financed by ourselves and doesn’t require any financial supporting. 100% of the donations will go to the «Help the Helpers» project.

We keep you posted about impressions and stories from all these wonderful regions. Stay tuned.