Who is Hermione Flynn?

I am a trained Performance Artist who has recently arrived in Berlin from New Zealand with my namesake fashion label HERMIONE FLYNN. I launched my fashion label in 2011 and was soon after announced as one of New Zealand’s Top 10 Young Fashion Designers. I am passionate about creating fashion which can be consumed (and cherished) with the same intellectual and artistic integrity as fine art.

What is the Project?

I have recently completed my first collection here in Berlin for Spring/Summer 2014 and I plan to launch it at Berlin Fashion Week on July the 4th 2013. I am hoping to raise money to support the creation of a unique Performance Art / Fashion Event to maximize my publicity and gain attention from the right media, buyers and customers.

The Collection so far...

I can’t reveal too much at this point (fashion industry protocol!), however here is a sneak peek of the design process…

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How will Your Money be Spent?

To make this happen, I will require a large team of talented people including a photographer, a filmographer, several models, hair/makeup artists, a publicist, a lighting designer, a DJ… To name a few! As my business is so young I do not have the financial ability to pay my team, however I believe their time and creative energy deserves to be financially acknowledged.

Since arriving in Berlin I have noticed it is a city full of young, passionate, creative people who often resort to working for free – because of their love for the subject and the lack of financial support in the creative industries. I would like to grow my business to be able to offer the financial compensation these people (and I) deserve. I just need the first initial boost from you!


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Your rewards

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