Our project : HiTech4Orphans

HiTech4Orphans: the new major digital education for all project led by the NGO World Association for Orphans.

It all began in 2018, when the Association collected 90 computers thanks to the combined generosity of the Belgian association SISF, the CICG of Geneva, and the Geneva-based THUOR Foundation.

Then, everything was accelerated with the signing of a partnership agreement with the child protection centre of the Bucharest Mary (Sector 6). In addition, an A.M.OR Senegal branch was opened in January 2019, through which the Association is forging links with orphanages and local associations.

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By young people for young people

The project, initially carried out by students and young professionals, is a way of offering other young people from disadvantaged areas of the world the opportunity to learn about a labour market in which computer skills have become essential. A way to rebalance, at our scale and within our means, equal opportunities.


Material dispatch

In the long term, we would like to give to about 1500 children (1000 in Romania, 500 in Senegal) access to digital education. The aim is now to send the computers in our possession to the partner centres so that we can offer computer training to children and young students via free and open courses on the Internet.