The Project

Sorry if the video is out of the date, i am not currenty available for recording the video again in a while. The update is that now, you can buy your own personalized songs as you can see in the Rewards Tab, those songs will be published all together in an album, before even starting with «Midnight Flight» recording, you will be contacted for the making of the song.

The objective of the project is making a home studio with professional microphones, better instruments like, keyboards, guitar, bass and digital drums, in order to create the «Midnight Flight». The album will be able for streaming and digital download in almost every digital music service, you will be able to get the physical version as a reward for your collaboration.

The following recording is an idea i had, sorry for the bad quality, currently it’s the best i can get with my equipment.

Midnight Flight

The Concept

Midnight Flight represents the feelings and thoughts of someone disconected from his life, the flight is a metaphor, it is the representation of the journy of a man inside it’s own mind with the purpose of understanding his own life, through the perspective of someone who is not in it, watching and analyzing it from above. It not only tells a story of reflection, it shows the emotions during this journy which ones are just common, but strong feelings that everybody has experienced.

The Band

The music will be recorded by a One Man Band, but supported by friends and some other external collaborators who will eventualy get credit for their work.

The Sound

The sound is what makes Music what it is, in «Midnight Flight», we seek to achieve an astonishing, potencial and emotional sound which can awaken the deepest feelings, all with typical instruments such as Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass and lyrics, and searching for the typical sound of rock, yet innovative in it’s composition and performance.

This is what you are collaborating for

The collaborations will be used for buying the equipment for the home studio:

  • Microphone
  • Bass
  • Bass Amp
  • Advanced Keyboard
  • MIDI Keyboard
  • USB Interface
  • Payment for the Album Publishing

With that equipment, everything proposed for this project will be made