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The HOOLALOOP Music Festival, taking place from 4-6 August 2017 on Scharnstein´s Bäckerberg is the 1st Austrian Live-Looping Festival.

The event is unique, a festival for all, who love extraordinary music, art, culture and regional culinary specialties. The festival combines art and the 5 elements of nature in a harmonic experience, for young and old.

On the festival site with a wonderfully refurbished farmyard as its center, located in picturesque surroundings, artists from all over Europe will come together for three days in August to present their solo- and duo-performances in Live-Looping.

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What is Looping?

«We consider Looping as a collective exploration of what it means to make music today – And what music could be tomorrow.»

In electroacoustic music Looping is technically defined as a method of making music by which short sections of sound material are repeated to a full and unique piece of music. A loop is commonly created using already existing material or from material individually created during the live-performance (via own instrumental performance, ambient noise or the like).

For us, the loop in the Loop-music stands as a symbol for the self-perpetuating continuous expansion of ideas, connections in the music experience. In the wider sense it stands for life itself and for the constant change and developments of all life on earth, which is especially reflected in nature.

International Artists

At the HOOLALOOP music festival in Scharnstein 8 international artists, connected through creative Live-Looping techniques, will come together.

«We believe that the most exciting developments in music are created through the exchange of people.»

At the HOOLALOOP music festival in Scharnstein a diverse number of musicmakers, creative thinkers and inspired people will expect you, to exchange ideas, make new connections and experience music intensely and in a totally new way.

During the 3 days of the festival many live-concerts will take place. The following artists are on our festival plan:


Loop Workshop-Seminar

Workshop-Seminar History, Esthetics and Application of Loopings:

This workshop-seminar is dedicated to persons who either want to learn something about the background, the development and the application of Looping-music as well as to beginners who want to learn something about the practical use of it.

Furthermore, active musicians, singers, actors and textmakers have the possibility to deepen their Looping-knowledge.

The academic tutors Christian Eder, Arne Marsel and Klaus Gesing who guide the workshop, have many years of experience in Live-Looping.


Food pleasures and the 5 elements

«Cooking in circles» – At HOOLALOOP we provide food and beverages based on the 5 elements with connection to the topic Loop/Circle.

The holistic-type kitchen rounds up the festival experience. Cooks and providers of local food products who connect nutrition with nature are convinced about the understanding of life as a circle and happy to share this with others, will be at the festival:

  • Saman kocht: 5 Element cooked foot items in biological quality .
  • Regional meat-specialties from the neighbour´s farm.
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Accommodation and a surrounding for families & kids

Accommodation: Various accommodation optios are available in and around the festival-site.

  • Free Camping on the festival-site, including shower and sanitary facilities.
  • In the surroundings of Bäckerberg various pensions and hotels are available: almtal.salzkammergut

Families & Kids: The festival is 100% child- and family-friendly.

The site is located far away from heavy trafficked roads with a lot of space to freely move around and enjoy nature.

The farm holds several animals including horses, goats, cats, sheeps and deer that can be visited.

The experienced entertainer Lisa Grasionelli will be taking care of children´s entertainment throughout the festival.

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What do we need your support for?

  • With a sum of EUR 500 you help us to cover costs for print, flyer etc.
  • With a sum of EUR 1’500 we can additionally cover costs for the rent of the additionally needed music equipment.
  • With a sum of EUR 2’500 we can also implement the workshop-seminar.
  • With a sum of EUR 3’500 you have secured the travel costs of two international musicians.
  • With a sum of EUR 4’500 you have secured the travel costs of two additional international musicians.
  • With a sum of EUR 5’000 we will have enough funding-base to definitely implement the festival.
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