What Is the Project?

In honor of the Dada Centennial, we are translating the first collection of Hugo Ball’s personal letters into English. The «Artist Years» (1911–1917) are teeming with avant-garde acts in Munich, Berlin, and Zurich.

From Ball’s constant financial struggles to deep-seated conflicts with his mother, from conflictual artistic politics to humorous (pre)-Dada exchanges, these charming, puckish, and poignant letters offer a flesh-and-blood portrait of the Cubist-clad Dada-demigod in his most unsettled and productive period.

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Who We Are

Contra Mundum Press is an independent publisher based in New York City. The primary aim of Contra Mundum is to publish translations of writers who, in their use of form and style, are à rebours. There are many works of fundamental significance to Weltliteratur — and Weltkultur — that still remain in relative oblivion; works that alter and disrupt standard circuits of thought. It is the aim of Contra Mundum Press to render them more visible.

A.S. Dusenbury was born in Charleston, South Carolina and grew up in Washington, D.C. She studied German literature and art history in the USA, London, and Germany, and currently lives in Karlsruhe.

How Can You Help?

Your contributions will support Contra Mundum Press with the production costs of this publication:

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What You Will Get?

Other than a dada blast of energy for supporting something worthwhile, there are some terrific gifts available. Check out our rewards, and secure your copy of Hugo’s letters today!

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