What is it all about?

This short documentary will tell the story of Moke, a human rights defender from Congo Brazzaville, coming to Geneva in November 2018 to advocate at the United Nations (UN) for the respect of human rights in his country and, once here, embarking on a journey to meet the representatives of Gunvor, an oil trading company based in Geneva who’s former employee was convicted in last August for corruption in Congo.

Through Moke’s eyes, this documentary will expose the contradictions of Geneva, which is, on the one hand, presenting itself as the capital of peace, home of the United Nations, its agencies and the humanitarian conventions, while on the other hand is hosting over 400 trading companies (oil, sugar, coffee, cereals, etc) who’s impact on human rights has been documented many times. Indeed, on 28 August 2018, a former employee of Gunvor, a company based rue du Rhône, was convicted by the Tribunal pénal fédéral to a conditional sentence of 18 month of prison for corruption in Congo. The total amount of money distributed to Congolese public agents was 42 million Swiss Francs.

Moke would like to come to Geneva in November 2018 to participate in a discussion at the UN on the human rights situation in his country, Congo. His stay here would represent an opportunity to confront the company Gunvor, headquarted in Geneva, and hold them accountable for their actions. It will also enable him to denounce Geneva’s double game which, through the UN, offers hope to the population of developing countries, and through the trading companies, displays cynicism by profiting from those developing countries’ wealth.


Why this documentary?

This documentary would be extremely timely as a hundred of NGOs in Switzerland have recently launched an initiative « for responsible business » (https://corporatejustice.ch/). The aim of this initiative is to legally oblige companies «to incorporate respect for human rights and the environment in all their business activities».

The conviction, last August, by the Tribunal pénal federal, of a former Gunvor employee to a conditional sentence of 18 month of prison for corruption in Congo demonstrates the need to regulate the trading industry and multinational companies.

Finally, the human rights situation in Congo Brazzaville will be discussed at the United Nations on 14 November and in this regard, it will be an opportunity for Moke to come to Geneva to speak about the situation in Congo.

The documentary will demonstrate, case in hand, the negative impact that business can have in developing countries and the need for Swiss politicians and the population to tackle this issue.

How we will use your money

Your contribution will make this project possible. We will use it to pay for:

  • Moke’s trip to Geneva (flights, hotel, visa);
  • the amazing cameran Tay Blyth-Kubota;
  • the excellent soundman Greig Stevens; and
  • the post-production (sound and image editing). The documentary will be 12-20 minutes long.

If the target is exceeded, we will use the extra money to interview key actors from Geneva, the UN and the oil trading industry in order to further enrich the documentary with powerful testimonies.