Take a sneak peek at what happened during the hacking!By THE Port Association, on 10/10/2017 11:45

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See our hackers in action!


We are making it! Day 1By THE Port Association, on 6/10/2017 16:39

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After eight months of intensive preparation, the big day has finally arrived!

All 50 participants, 12 mentors, 10 coaches and 10 volunteers together at CERN IdeaSquare to ideate, co-create and prototype during the next 60 hours.

Thank you for your suppport! And come watch the final presentations on Sunday 8 from 18h live at: https://webcast.web.cern.ch/event/i669276

Final Agenda released!By THE Port Association, on 3/10/2017 12:18


All you need to know about the agenda of the Humanitarian Hackathon from 6 to 8 October!

You can still get your tickets @ http://bit.ly/2xWNha0

We are looking forward to meeting you this Sunday!

3'000! Thank you!By THE Port Association, on 3/10/2017 12:09

Thanks to your support we’re getting a little bit closer to our goal!

Please continue to share, tweet, like our campaign on social media and by spreading the word.

Take a look at this interactive 360 degrees video during last year’s hacking at IdeaSquare!

CERN live webcast on Sunday 8By THE Port Association, on 29/9/2017 09:43


Not able to join us on Sunday 8?

Watch the final presentations on CERN webcast at:


Get your tickets for the final presentations now!By THE Port Association, on 28/9/2017 17:38


Care to join and to see the hackathon’s results?

Tickets still available at Eventbrite, register now!

Free entrance @: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-port-2017-hackathon-final-presentations-cern-tickets-38103640013?aff=es2

2'000 ! Thank you all for supporting our innovators!By THE Port Association, on 26/9/2017 17:03

Ines Knäpper @TEDx Lausanne

Get an insight on how everything started at THE Port. Here’s Ines Knäpper, co-founder and President, during a TEDx talk in Lausanne, describing the creative innovation process behind one of our most successful challenges.

Thank you for continuing to share our campaign and what we do throughout your personal and professional networks!

Our community of partners, friends and supportersBy THE Port Association, on 26/9/2017 10:04

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Join our Community of partners, supporters and friends by supporting our hackers in creating innovative humanitarian solutions for people in need!

1'000 ! --- Thank you for your invaluable support! ---By THE Port Association, on 15/9/2017 17:53

Thank you for your contributions!

Thank you as well for spreading the word and to share/like/tweet the campaign throughout your professional networks, family and friends:


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Twitter - @theportatcern

THE Port team

Time lapse video of IdeaSquare during last year's hackathonBy THE Port Association, on 13/9/2017 10:51

Watch our hackers in action!

Our particularityBy THE Port Association, on 12/9/2017 16:41

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Our trademark

What makes our hackathons unique and successful is the variety of participants that we assemble into well-balanced teams in terms of gender, age, origin and professional background.

We believe that interdisciplinarity combined with endless creativity is key to achieve innovation. We do not restrict participation solely to scientists, programmers and engineers, but on the contrary, promote the participation of any creative mind from various backgrounds.

In this sense it is not rare among the teams, to see an astrophysicist working with a mecanical engineer, a doctor and a creative writer together on the same challenge.