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Medical Humanitarian mission in Cambodia

I’m a 24 yo medicine student in Switzerland, I’d like to leave for a month to Cambodia, in Phnom Penh. My project is to work with the hospital staff in Khmer Soviet hospital, in order to give basic care to the local population. I Will visit too local orphanages, to which I Will Bring medicine, clothes and games.

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Why is my project special and why does it need to be supported ?

As a medical student in his first years of Studies, we often have the feeling to be useless. I’d like to do everything it takes to give a hand where it is most needed.

I’ve already had the occasion to spend one month in Cambodia two years ago, but as a tourist. Today my biggest Wish is to go back with the means I’ve acquired - which are my medical knowledge, medicine, clothes and games for the children.

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This is what I need backing for.

Thanks to your help, I Will be able to Pay a basic lodging organized by AMS for the month I’m staying, and 3 meals a day which is equal to 1’000 swiss francs.

The money Will enable me to Buy medicines from Switzerland and Bring them in the orphanages. The more the money, the more the Medicines

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