its still not ready By Mark Kelly, on 7/4/2015 11:23

ok why well im getting a team together and the date of the album release keeps getting pushed back . after you gave so much i decided i would approach the biz for 3 reasons one people kept on saying you should be everywhere . which i always answered with a angry wanting to do it all by myself (but i understood my speech was just hiding my fears of success and here’s a big truth figuring out im greedy and not want to sharing the cake which makes no sense a cake all to yourself makes you fat and lonely )

i was mixing in canada in montreal last september and a friend said mark people need to hear these songs and if you do it with out help it will get lost in a pile . i heard him and all the people who said the same thing maybe over a 1000 times and so now trying to get a team together is one of the harvests things I’ve done . and im looking for a manager cause theres to much and im making a mess of it . there is a label interested in germany and canada and thats pushing the release date back :/ to next year its frustrating so very much . but good news videos are being made and the 1st single should come out in 2 months or so ( but hey maybe even that gets pushed back.

so if you have any questions do ask and i will get back to you

thanks again for your support and know you are great for helping and know im doing my best to get it out there so the work thats been done is fruitful


the mix tripBy Mark Kelly, on 6/10/2014 14:50

hi there people so the mix is done and im very happy with it a few re touches to be done but very happy with what is happening :) so thanks for making this possible :) im now looking for a agent to make a nice big tour possible and working on getting videos being made I’ve no longer any cash from the we make it but have a friend who is helping the project continue to move forward plus my own cash and the aim is febuary for it to come out :) i will keep pushing till the end is reached :) thanks again for your support and i will keep you updated on the progress :)

mark sending lots of love to you all :)

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Hi, What's new after about 6 month since the last news? approaching the goal?

mixing the album in montrealBy Mark Kelly, on 7/9/2014 11:16

hey im art the airport in geneve and leaving to montreal to mix the album with the person who i wanted to jean massicotte :) 20 songs to mix fingers crossed we have time to do it all

so the album is delayed i was hoping for november but its looking more like january so peanut butter cookies and the rest on its way soon :)

so thanks again for making this possible and oh yeah the reason there hasn’t been much news cause the summer season was full of concerts :)

mark sending love and happy thoughts to you all :)

Dear Mark, these are very good news to read. Very happy for this next step. Have fun making what you loves to make and keep the spirit. Promising 2015 ;-)

whats happening By Mark Kelly, on 4/6/2014 09:28

hey guys so the album is really taking shape added some drums 2 weeks ago going to record a song with mr wheels from «the rambling wheels soon and keys with raphael noir »climax« very happy to announce that i will be able to mix the album with the person i was hoping to a friend in montreal jean massicotte

and that I’ve decide not to put the other album out before «i am who i am» this album is important to me and you guy believed in me enough to give so generously and gave me you trust !

it looks like it will have around 20 songs on the album :)

so thanks and sending you all lots of love and happy thoughts

oh and it should come out in mid october (maybe even on the 15th)

So proud to be part of it!
Can't wait to hear it :)
sending you loads of good vibes! can't wait to hear your songs! thank you for keeping us updated! :)

question to the people who backed the projectBy Mark Kelly, on 12/3/2014 15:51

hi there smiles for you all and a huge thanks again. i would like to ask a question that has been turning around in my very full head your answers will help me very much !!!!!

I’ve been proposed by a label a contract for another album that i have recorded NOT «i am who i am» NOT THIS ALBUM but another just making sure its clear not all of you speak fluent english so one more time just to make sure I’ve been proposed a contract but not for «i am who i am »

what does this mean for the project you’ve backed? well it means it will be delayed and another album that has been finished for the last 2 years will come out before

so my question is will you understand and not go crazy at me?

I’ve already started working on «i am who i am» and the work continues

so look forward to your feed back its very important to me what you guys have to say on the matter


so happy for you!! go for it!!
Excellent!!! Good news!! Bravo Mark!! C’est super ça :-) On se réjouit d’écouter ce nouvel album et «i am who i am» quand il sortira. Take care!
Anne & Xavier
Go ahead ! Do it !
Thanks for your sincerity !
And don’t forget to be who you’re ;)
Waiting for you in Montreal !
Dear Mark Kelly, thank you very much for your sincerity and, definitely, dont' hesitate: GO! I think your creation process will be stronger after that and it should be no limit for the art. Looking forward! Kind regards
go for it! im excited to get two albums instead of one: )
No hesitations ! Create the album with the label... Do a maximum publicty aroud this album and delay this project ! We can wait a little bit more for your fameous little butter cookies ! Or perhaps you can come twice :)
Hugs and kisses from Charlotte and Pascal
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The most important thing is:
the coookies, an album or an other album first doesn't matter, the most important is my coooooookies. (<= joke inside)

Make it for the best for YOU, if it's with the other album first, make it first.

but for information, how do you think about the delay?

I will absolutely not get crazy... Have seen you in «les Docks» last friday and am looking forward to receive your new album whichever it is !

thank youBy Mark Kelly, on 24/2/2014 19:56

to all the people that supported the we make it project for the next album»i am who i am» thank you for your trust . i will do my best to make a great album . it has already been started and hopefully will be finished by the april if all goes well

the money that you’ve gave will be used wisely

thank you all !!! and much love to you and happy thoughts!!


If the first album is successful, it will act as promotion for «I am who I am». Do it.

H. Ian Kelly

thanks to all!! nearly thereBy Mark Kelly, on 3/2/2014 20:19

guys im very touched by all the support that has been given before i started the we make it i wasn’t sure what it would feel like to have peoples support and it makes me want to work so hard on it

i will do my best that is for sure!!!! the good news is the files that were locked in my dear friend james computer has be unlocked and will be sent james best friend julian by next week my great friend seb has stepped up and offered to finish the album and we have already started the session i think this is going to be a double album :)

to you all love ,light, and happy thoughts for you

rock on :)

rest in peace james drakeBy Mark Kelly, on 30/12/2013 14:53


james was the engineer I’ve been working with on this album we had started out just testing and then it was quickly seen that we got on really well and worked really well together . he was a driving force behind organising my messy ways he will be great missed and this album will be dedicated to him and family rest in peace my dear dear friend

oh my !!!!By Mark Kelly, on 30/12/2013 00:19

to all the people who are backing this project thank you very very much for believing in it!!! it means a lot to me showing that people want be part of this project .happy thoughts and merry ideas for you all and thank you again for backing this project :)