IAMA 2022, CO2 Compensation

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We’re making the IAMA Congress 2022 in Zürich climate neutral. That’s why we need you! To compensate the emissions, trees are going to be planted (Organisation: PrimaKlima).

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Le principe du «tout ou rien» s’applique: l’argent ne sera reversé au projet qu’à condition d’avoir atteint ou dépassé l’objectif de financement.

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Clôturé le 22.5.2022

Making the IAMA conference 2022 in Zürich CO2 neutral

Climate change was a topic at the IAMA Congress 2022 in Zürich. Better than just talking about reducing emissions is doing something. That’s why we from Tonhalle Zürich want to make the IAMA Congress 2022 in Zürich CO2 neutral. With your support we’d like to raise enough money to plant as many trees as needed to compensate the emissions caused by the IAMA Congress. Thank you for your investment in our future!

How the raised money is going to be used

The raised money is all going to be spent to the organisation PrimaKlima. They are planting trees to compensate emitted emissions.

About Primaklima

For 30 years now, PrimaKlima has been actively committed to the climate by planting trees and protecting forests worldwide. They’ve already been able to put more than 14 million trees in the ground and relieve the atmosphere of harmful CO2.