What is it about?

Two policemen respond to a hold-up in the middle of the woods, but they ignore that the situation – simple on the surface – hides a dirty mess of secrets and treasons…

Hey there! Do you like short films?

We believe that we can offer you, in only 18 minutes, everything you have a right to expect when you watch a feature film: great characters, emotion, plot twists, and lots of tension… In short, a story that you won’t be able to forget.

Thrice is influenced by the noir universe (think Jim Thompson meets Tarantino), which is full of themes that we love to turn into images: lack of hope, motivations that stay undecipherable until the bitter end, dark crimes, and desperate protagonists that are willing to do anything to reach their goals. Looking for happy endings? Change the channel…

This project has been haunting us for a long time now, and we are finally ready to make it happen!

The shooting locations are confirmed, and the casting is locked: we have turned our little Switzerland upside down looking for some real lookers!



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How can you help?

We have decided to produce Thrice independently, through our non-profit association, New Game Films. We have already covered all costs linked to technical equipment: lights, camera (Red Epic), sound, steadycam, cranes, etc.

At this stage, with only 6’000 CHF more, we can start the project and bring it to completion.

Thanks to your help, in fact, we will be able to cover the remaining production costs, which include:

  • Postproduction in general: sound mixing,
  • Color grading, editing, etc.
  • Special effects & make-up
  • Production design & costumes
  • Logistics
  • Catering

Who are we?

Luca Brunoni: independent filmmaker from Neuchâtel, Switzerland. In 2011, he has created New Game Films together with David Baumann. Thrice is his fourth fiction project.

Watch La Mer d’Italie (2010)

Cabron (2012)

Check out his website

David Baumann is a director of photography and filmmaker from Neuchâtel, Switzerland. His company, The Artaban Filmance Digital Corp, has been active since 2007.

David Baumann’s website

IMDB profile

Arnaud Baur is a producer and director from Neuchâtel, Switzerland. His last short film «The White Lady» has won the best film award at the Youcinema Fantastic Film Festival (2 edition).

A Swiss Made Man

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Tijany started as a DJ. In 2008, he founded an electro band with Lawrence Bamberger called «Chic and the Tramp». Slowly, he starts to compose and is in charge of the sound design for several short movies.

Tijany Bacci’s website

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