Put stars in the eyes of young singers and the public by going over the cartoons songs, it’s our mission.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 17/4/2015

Why should you support our project?

We need from you to partially fund our musical show.

Through your support, we can offer to 60 children an extraordinary adventure, in ideal conditions and with that «little extra» friendly for them. (Moving in autocar, face painting, hot meals). We also hope to offer to these children a nice trip to thanks them after the last concert.

A musical by whom ?

The Association Limonata Convention offers a unique experience to choirs of children to take part in a musical adventure to give them the taste of playing and singing together and offer them the possibility to share the stage with professional musicians This year, the Children’s Choir of St-Guérin and «Le Petit Choeur de Froideville» will be on stage. Some adults (including the mixed choir of Froideville) will help the 60 children for some vocals’ harmony.

Why this collaboration?

  1. For this experience, the singers ages from 7 to 12, will iscover the backstage area, where nothing is easy. You have to learn patience, discipline, listening, etc …
  2. The three public concerts will be a great reward for their efforts during these eight months working.
  3. While working alongside the top musicians, these children, some from a disadvantaged background, can open out, discover, and perhaps in the near future, become themselves artists.

The theme of this performance

Baloo and Mowgli, Mary Poppins, Davy Crockett are to seniors what Tarzan, Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Anastasia, Shrek and Rebel are to all our children. These cartoon heroes have charmed every generation. Our musical performance, invites you to an extraordinary journey into the songs of these cartoons. Transported by existential themes like love, sharing, freedom, happiness, we are sure to recover our child souls. The story line will guide us in this «story of life», that crazy bet to born and pursue all our dreams. It will be woven by the storyteller Cédric Jossen who will highlight all these exciting moments.

Stop for a while, sit with us to share these magic moments, those dreams so real …

Help us to put stars in the eyes of singers and in the eyes of the public … in your eyes.

The participants :

  • Charbonnet Gilles – singer
  • Moix Jean-Claude – flute
  • Apostolov Ruslan – violin
  • Bollin Xavier – guitar
  • Villani Emmanuel – keyboard
  • Dussex Gaëtan – bass guitar
  • Villani Donato – drums and percussions
  • Jossen Cédric – fairytale

  • The Children’s Choir of St-Guérin, under the musical direction of Anne Mayoraz and Jean-François Maillard

  • «Le Petit Chœur de Froideville », under the musical direction of Ariane Mieville and Florian Bovet