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CD-production and promotion of «Ilya Alabuzhev Project», a band with an unique setting (vocal, trumpet, two basses and drums) based in Basel.

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What´s it about?

Hi everyone! My name is Ilya Alabuzhev, I am an ukrainian bass player, composer and arranger. I live in Basel, Switzerland and have recently put together my dream band. I´ve been writing music and lyrics for more than 2 years, I was inspired by a lot of different music genres for the arrangements of this band. I was very lucky to find the right musicians, with strong personalities, who fit together really well and are able to bring my ideas to life, creating beautiful music.

After gathering the funds to record our first CD, with the support of two foundations, we went to a studio in june 2017 and recorded 7 compositions with one of the greatest sound engineers, Daniel Dettwiler. (

I´ve never been more satisfied with any of my projects than I am with this project. The musicians, the incredible equipment and sound engineers brought my music to another level! I am very greatful for how far we´ve come, but we just need one last push before we can take off, and I really hope that you can help us with this part!

As soon as we gather enough funds, I can start organizing a tour for the coming winter season. We would be really happy to come to your city/country and bring our music closer to you!

My project is unique because ...

What is most important it is the music of course, as well as the wonderful musicians. The music and lyrics are very personal, and describe my deepest feelings, which I am sharing with you all, in hope that you will recognize yourself or relate to them in some way, and connect with the music.

Another aspect is the unusual line up: it is not often that you find a band with two basses, vocal, trumpet and drums. This gives a lot of new possibilities in playing with the sound and color of the pieces.

Although we are all jazz musicians, our music has a lot of different influences, as such as pop, rock and classical music. It is also accessible to a wider audience than most jazz albums.

This is what I need backing for.

What we need the funds for:

  • CD´s press - 700 CHF
  • CD cover - 200 CHF
  • Video & Foto shoot - 1200 CHF
  • Website - 300 CHF

With you help, we can obtaining the funds needed for these different jobs. We will then be able to go forth and have a better chance at reaching a wider public in a such competitive music world.