In 10 podcast episodes you will hear stories on how we built our community, how we managed to fundraise, how we merged, how we built our hybrid business model, and much, much more.

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A new podcast, sharing insights of 10 years of Impact Hub activities.

The world is changing. We’re in a place where things are shifting, right here in front of our eyes. Whether it’s in politics, business, how we run our careers or how we show up at the office. We’re all trying to figure this out.

For the last 10 years, the Impact Hub has operated at the very center of these shifts, experiencing these changes - directly on the ground. And in this new podcast we will share the lessons learned from 10 years of running the Impact Hub.

In 10 podcast episodes you will hear stories on how we built our community, how we managed to fundraise, how we merged, how we built our hybrid business model, and how we survived letting a musician save a building crisis and much much more.

Whether you’re just about to build your own business, or if you are working in a large corporation but you know that change doesn’t necessarily only come from inside, or maybe you are just a regular citizen wanting to engage in something meaningful, you will gain insights and learnings.

Throughout the years we’ve been encouraging change, shaping encounters and initiatives through our programs. But sometimes we forget to tell the story about us. How was it to build an organisation from 4 students into a full hybrid company with two locations and over 20 employees? What have we learnt along the way? This is not your traditional founder-hero story, we’ll hear from a network of makers and shapers who have participated along the way.

So why do we want to tell this story in a podcast?

Our producer Katarina argues that podcasts are the most visual medium because we engage with all our senses when we’re listening. It allows us to truly tap into the diverse set of voices who built Impact Hub into what it is today. It’s about time to peek behind the curtains and hear the real stories from inside the Impact Hub. We’ll promise to make this entertaining, and best of all you can multitask while learning. Bring it with you on your next run, walk or commute.

This is what we need backing for:

The research, planning, interviewing and story editing of 10 episodes to make this content as compelling and entertaining as possible. We will work with a narrative podcast format, where we base each episode on a narrated story that help you learn and get inspired.

  • Episode 1: It starts with an idea (year 1) - An impactful idea
  • Episode 2: The first members (year 2) - Impact community
  • Episode 3: Partnerships (year 3) -
  • Episode 4: Social or business? A crucial pivot moment (year 4) - impactful pivots, to spark more community
  • Episode 5: Merging (year 5)
  • Episode 6: Fundraising (year 6)
  • Episode 7: Venturing outside of comfort zone (year 7) - kitchen and spaces + growing too quickly
  • Episode 8: Giving back - impactful investment (year 8) - community based investing
  • Episode 9: Virus vs (year 9)
  • Episode 10: What’s next (year 10)

Podcast will be published at the end of Q1 2022.

If we reach our goal of 15 000 CHF, Impact Hub will double the fundraised amount. Our total budget for this project is 30 000 CHF, and we’re sourcing half of that amount from you, our community!

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