What is the project about, and why support it?

In spite of the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict situation, many in Israel and Palestine wish to meet the other and live in peace. They are Palestinians and Israelis, Jews or Arabs and will attempt to symbolize the encounter of the other through a short movie of 1’30 to 2 minutes.

This film will first be screened end October 2016 at a large gathering between Palestinians, Israelis and Swiss in the Negev desert, a large event to mark the first 10 years of the Swiss association Coexistences. The film will then be widely shared.

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Who are we?

Coexistences is a Swiss association supporting the Israeli-Palestinian dialog since 2006, through hosting dialog groups in Switzerland. Since 2006, we have hosted 25 groups and over 380 participants, half of them Israeli-Jews, half of them Arab Israelis or Palestinians.

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How will this project be achieved?

We have a trusted contact person in Israel who teaches at the Sapir College in Sderot. For several years she was a professional facilitator in Israeli-Palestinian dialog groups.

Her vision is to first create a documentary with the testimonies of some of the participants to dialog groups which we hosted in Switzerland, two Israelis, two Palestinians. This first film will not be screened publicly but will serve as inspiration to the creation of the short movie to illustrate this dialog process. The documentary will therefore be screened this summer to all the students in film making of Israel who will chose to take part in this contest.

The contest will reward the best 3 short movies. The whole project, In Between, will be made possible thanks to your financial contribution!