Supporting the expansion of our services

Sweet Babydreams is a small business in the area of sleep coaching for infants and children. Through our 1:1 sleep coaching services we have helped over 100 families to regain rest and balance in their family life over the last 18 months. Furthermore, we have received many positive responses from parents all over the world who have felt supported and empowered through our seminars, blog, and Facebook community group. With this project we aim to create more awareness about our services among families, and develop a strong network with other professionals. In order to do this we require increased publicity, adequate advertising material, an efficient work space & material, as well as potential further education.

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«It takes a village...

…to raise a child.»

Our hope at Sweet Babydreams is to be part of that «village» for families. We are convinced that the development of healthy sleep habits in children is a crucial factor for the well-being of the whole family.

Our holistic approach encourages a secure attachment between parents and their children, while helping families to thrive & be well-rested at the same time. We place great emphasis on meeting the needs of the WHOLE family, and on supporting and encouraging parents in a difficult phase of life.

Globally, infant sleep coaching is a relatively new field, and many parents aren’t aware of the availability of such services and their benefits. Thus, in order to be able to connect with, educate and coach more families, as well as broaden our professional network, we need your support!

Which means, you get to be part of OUR village too!

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Our goals...

Goal 1 –> CHF 5,000.- for new laptops

Our services are available worldwide via telephone, webinar and Skype, and most of our work is done on the computer. Thus, having efficient technology is crucial for our work!

Goal 2 –> CHF 2,500.- for increased publicity

We would like to create further marketing campaigns, and be published in various family magazines.

Goal 3 –> CHF 5,000.- for sufficient advertising material

We want to create awareness among families about our services, and develop a strong network with local professionals.

Goal 4 –> CHF 2,500.- for further education

We aim to continue learning in order to develop our expertise in the area of sleep, and expand the business so that we can offer holistic support & coaching in the broader areas of parenting and family life.