Knowing How...

The goal of this project is to bring back enthusiasm and love for dance in a way that is contemporary and relevant for professionals and amateurs.

The tools of my Knowing How workshop arise from Gaga technique, Floor Work, Physical Theatre training methods (acrobatics, mime), somatic work (going deep into explorations, taking time to sense and experience and then moving out of that experience), improvisation and composition.

My performance work and my teaching is informed by mindful body practices including Yoga, Feldenkrais, T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Gyrokinesis.

The central focus of the workshop is to gain awareness and reach maximum productivity, wake up the instinct and give a space to creativity. Learn your body and teach your self to take up a right (or left) posture. Knowing How….

Connecting with e-motions is a helpful way to start this work. Participants will be able to experience the power of redoing and relearning the way they speak and think about movement. We feel healthier and safer to expose our body to extreme physicality while staying present and connected with ourselves: Being able to surprise ourselfs in doing things we never thought we would be able to do and enjoy dancing.

Situations will be created where one can respond to the inherent characteristics of the material of movement, sound, attitude, energetic productions and creative ideas. I am interested in how one would deal with a further development by means of dialogues and physical responses.

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About The Countertechnique and «One Body, One Career»

Countertechnique occupies a prominent place in the world of Contemporary dance techniques since 2006.

Anouk van Dijk developed this method during her own professional practice, in constant dialogue with her dancers. Having taught the method already for many years, from 2006 onwards the implications of the practice have been translated back to a theoretical framework. This knowledge is transferred to and constantly tested and evaluated by a growing number of teachers in the technique, who get together on a frequent basis during the Countertechnique Teachers Trainings. The theoretical framework serves as reference for both dancers and teachers.

In 2006, Anouk was named one of «25 to Watch» by Dance Magazine.

The Countertechnique has very simple principles that allow you to understand your self, be aware and move correctly, in directing two «things» away from each other and releasing unnecessary tensions. The resulting supervision of the flow between body and mind and the space around enhances health, holds you in balance and opens a place to move trustfully and beyond. This happens naturally, with a healthy and directed mindset.

Chunky Move, the internationally well-known Dance Company in Melbourne, Australia, will run and host the sixth edition of the One Body, One Career intensive – the first time this course will be held in the Asia Pacific.

The «One Body, One Career» program is designed for professional dancers and advanced students who are looking for down-to-earth answers to the many questions that come up when pursuing a long, healthy and success­ful career in dance. The main focus of this program is on how training, rehearsal and performance in dance can be related to one another in a constructive manner.

Dancers will be introduced to Anouk van Dijk’s movement system and training method, the Countertechnique. Complimenting the Countertechnique classes and Practical Tools sessions, additional workshops will be taught in partnering, repertoire, composition, Alexander Technique and improvisation. The faculty are all sought after specialists in their field. All teachers constructively feed and guide the dancer in his creative work and personal development. They share a similar un­derstanding of how without humour and a sense of dignity a career can become harsh and tedious. The love for detail distinguishes all their teaching: subtle nuances can make just the difference between hat­ing and loving what you are doing.

By the end of the intensive, participants will have acquired a set of practical tools, which they will be able to draw from and apply in their ongoing dance practice.

Since 2006, the «One Body, One Career» intensives have brought together participants from all over the world.

«This was incredible, truly groundbreaking for me. My only frustration was: why didn’t somebody tell me this a long time ago?» Participant 2006.

«It was a true pleasure attending this workshop and I feel as if I’ve embarked on a new tangent on my journey as a dancer.» Participant 2006.

Financial informations

I have an assured budget of 1’400 Euro. 1’000 Euro more will enable me to pay the seminar and some of the associated travel costs.