Continuation of InterDanceProject (I.D.P.) in November and December 2016

We are aiming to bring 9 of the participants from the first session of I.D.P. in Kolkata (India) to Austria.

What we are planning to do there:

  • The continuation work on our piece «Life Atho Kotha»
  • Performances in Linz and other cities arround Austria
  • Classes with 11 dancers in 10 different dance-styles
  • A creative process of exchange between Indian and European artists

The original I.D.P. family can hardly wait to meet up again.

About the initiator

I (Elias Buttinger) initiated the I.D.P. to work on a fundamental understanding and research about the dance it selfe. I am practicing different kinds of urban dancestyles for 13 years as well as I finished two Bachelor-degrees in Contemporary Dance and Pedagogy. This experience revealed to me the necessity of collaboration and exchange on a cultural and artistic base!

How we would like you to get active in our project

  • Support our crowdfunding campaign
  • Spread our campaign and other informations about this project
  • Visit our performances and dance-classes in November and December 2016
  • Practice and exchange with the artists of I.D.P.

Follow the developments of I.D.P. on Facebook.

More details about the project

The core group of I.D.P. are 13 artists which are coming from very different backgrounds in a geographical and cultural understandings. The three European members are strongly connected with Contemporary-arts and Hip Hop. The indian members are coming from cultural (subcultural) contexts like Hip Hop, Waacking, Salsa and Classical Indian Styles. More detailed descriptions of the people You will find further below.

The first part of I.D.P. in Kolkata (India) was a 7 weeks working period which developed a 45 minutes dance performance («Life Atho Kotha»). This very intense process formed a group of young artists which are hungry to explore more of their abilities and possibilities in a creative exchange in between each other. They also want to investigate their subjects in different environments with new people. The youngest member of I.D.P. is 15 years old, the oldest one is now in the age of 31. The newest member of I.D.P. is Weng Teng Choi, who is from Macao (China). She shared the last few days of our working period in Kolkata and saw our performance there. Her background will bring new influences to our working process in Austria.


Discription of the current members of I.D.P.

(All pictures below, except Weng Teng Choi’s, were taken by Pepe Zalba)

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