Involution - a dance performance

by Herrera Entertainment


With this project we want to represent our world that is constantly becoming more complex and where the individual often plays a secundary role. Premiere: 25 of April 2014

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Successfully concluded on 3/4/2014

When and where is it?

We are in the final spurt for our dance performance which takes place from the 25th of April 2014 until the 9th of May 2014 at Safe, Unternehmen Mitte. During this period we stage it 6 times.

The Idea:

To reflect the feeling, that the individual plays more and more a secondary role, and that society is becoming constantly more stressed, we combine music, video, illustrations and the dance choreography to an unique multimedia experience.

  • Sol Bilbao Lucuix dancing
    Sol Bilbao Lucuix dancing
  • Picture by our video artist Pilar Soto Sanchez
    Picture by our video artist Pilar Soto Sanchez
  • Picture by our illustrator Mattia Serena
    Picture by our illustrator Mattia Serena

Our Project:

In our world that is constantly becoming more complex, the individual often plays a secundary role.

Logic replaces our innate instincts and creative impulses, which have made us who we are today.

As a result, our society is exposed to a constant faster rhythm, wich some people can only handle at the cost of losing a part of themselves

In the first part, the individual experiences an intense state of suffering. That’s why the scenery is extremely reduced. There are projected images on three screens, which look like a one-way street without exit. With the interaction of music, choreography and costume design we create the feeling of pressure and trepidation.

In the second part, the space unclenches parallel to the emotional status of the individual. It continues it’s way and gets closer to it’s own personality and nature. This will lead it to find a feeling of more pureness and freedom.

Who participates:

  • Sol Bilbao Lucuix: Dance / Choreography / Concept + Idea
  • Fabrizio di Salvo: Music / Audiodesign / Videoartist / Concept + Idea
  • Javier Rodriguez Cobos: Dramaturgy
  • Pilar Soto Sanchez: Videoartist
  • Mattia Serena: Illustration / Dramaturgy
  • Anna Huber: Costume Design
  • Stefan Erny: Lightdesign / Videoartist
  • David Fortmann: Video technique / Videoartist
  • Christof Stürchler: Sound technique
  • Arthur Kimmerle: Stagemanager
  • Tanja Schmid: Management

What do we need money for?

Everyone who takes part in this project works for free. However as we combine many different media, we have to pay a lot of material costs. Also we will have to pay the rent for the stage. Please support our project and choose one of our nice rewards.