Irié – Debutalbum

by Irié

Bern and Rolândia

We are Irié, two musicians from Bern (CH) and we are producing our first album with vocals and electronic music in our second home country Brazil. For this we need your help!

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This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 22/10/2022

This is what it's all about

Our long-awaited wish finally comes true - we, Gabriella and Niria produce our first album! For a long time it has been a dream of ours to tour our second home country together. The rich musical diversity has accompanied and inspired us since our early childhood and still shapes our music today. After numerous performances as Djanes’s, among others at the Feminist Strike on the Bundesplatz in Bern (CH), we finally dare to take the step and travel to Brazil at the end of the year to realise our debut album.

Our music is rhythmic to dreamy, melancholic to cheerful and acoustic to electronic. Through improvisation we experiment, create and compose our own musical expression with voice, words, recorded sounds, body sounds and electronic music. After ten years of making music in a quiet chamber, we become concrete with the music we have worked on for so long and for which we have been burning for years.

We are embarking on an adventure to explore our roots and give expression to this journey through our common language - music.

Foto: Loan Schläppi
Foto: Loan Schläppi

What is special about this album for us?

What we love about this project and what makes our hearts glow is the part that is still uncertain. The part that none of us can foresee, how the journey to Brazil will colour our music. The «something» that is yet to emerge and can only be created out of the moment, when we are there, living, seeing, hearing, smelling. This is how we bring the various musical puzzle pieces together into a whole and create OUR DEBUT ALBUM.

Feministischer Streik Bern Bundesplatz 2022 Foto: Jana Leu
Feministischer Streik Bern Bundesplatz 2022 Foto: Jana Leu

This is what we need backing for

A project like this not only brings an incredible amount of joy, but also high costs. We want to work with other creative people, musicians and producers and pay them fairly for their work. We are on fire, but pure joy is not enough.

To realise our heart project, we need your help!

Here you can see what we need financial support for:

  • Studio rent & rental of recording material
  • recordings
  • Mixing / Mastering
  • Musicians / producers / artists (e.g. visual arts)
  • Artwork (graphics, web and logo design, album cover, single cover)
  • Photography (shooting, photo editing & styling)
  • CD/ vinyl production
  • Music video (camera, editing & colour grading)
  • Marketing / Promotion (Website, Social-Media,
    streaming platforms, We Make It fees)

If you are as excited as we are, then support us. In return you’ll get little «Thanksalot» gifts, some sneak peaks, location reports (and we don’t just mean the geographic part) - and if the geographic part excites you too, we’ll give little tripadvisors from time to time.

Follow our project on our social media blogs (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and stay up to date. We will keep you up to date with videos, photos and texts and take you with us on our journey to Brazil.

Help us to make the musical landscape more colourful and support us in our project. We are looking forward to it and from the bottom of our hearts a huge Thank! <3

  • Foto: Loan Schläppi
    Foto: Loan Schläppi
  • Foto: Loan Schläppi
    Foto: Loan Schläppi
  • Lorrainechilbi 2022 Foto Simon Boschi
    Lorrainechilbi 2022 Foto Simon Boschi