Ironman Hawaii 2017

The Ironman is the longest triathlon: 3.8km of swimming, 180km of biking and 42.195km of running. The Ironman World Championships are held every year in Kona, Hawaii in October, and this year I got the slot from a race in the US.

In addition to this competition in Hawaii, I have also just qualified for the Half Ironman World Championships, which will be held in South Africa in September 2018.


Why supporting me...

Supporting me will allow your company to be visible on two major international competitions this year and have their logo printed on my outfits.

For the individuals giving me their support, in addition to all my gratitude I will send them a postcard from Hawaii and offer some of them to meet for a Hawaiian party when I return.


What your support will serve

My only guilty pleasure being chocolate (I’m a real Swiss…) you will support a healthy athlete, with values of perseverance, tenacity, humility and loyalty.