It's my body

Children often suffer from a hidden epidemic of child sexual abuse and neglect. Child molestation occurs across many ethnic and cultural line and at all levels of education.

Children are innocent and lack the basic awareness and knowledge about this important issue which makes them more vulnerable to abuse. 

As a mother I am concerned about the security of my children all the time. Many parents find it difficult to talk about this issue. However, children will have an ongoing source of protection from many possible dangers if they know that they can talk to their parents.

Children need to know:

It is equally important for adults to have sufficient knowledge about child sexual abuse and know how to deal with their children’s queries along the way.

Children need love and affection, however they should also learn that being touched is their own choice and not another’s. Children should be taught at an early age that their body belongs to them and that they have the right to decline a touch.

(It’s my body) is a must-have children book as it will help kids to learn about  body protection in a non threatening and FUN way. 


This is what I need backing for.

I want to print the best quality book and therefore need your help to raise around Eur 5000 to cover the cost of printing and shipping. If we raise more than that then I will be able to print more books. Extra  funding will also allow me to get the book translated in other major languages as well.