Jason Gee’s first album !

Impossible de faire une vidéo de présentation sans être interrompu par mes collocs, des fous !! Je vais donc présenter mon projet à l’ancienne… à l’écrit… arf…

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oops, video was removed by project initiator.


That is just impossible to record anything when you’ve got crazy flatmates like mine…. Sorry the project’s introduction will be «Old Schoolish»… I mean written :-)

Who am I ? No joking... who am I ?

I am Jason Gee, Swiss composer based in London where I am trying to get my piece of cake in the artistic industry. My world (well one of one of my personality) is made of: Piano, Electro-pop and Videogames ! It is not easy to find your «calm» in this city ! Everything’s bigger, louder, further, unknown(er) but that makes you also stronger… and crazier ! YAAARHRAGHA !! Sorry…

¯\_(ツ)_/¯Oops, video was removed by project initiator.

The Project

After 3 years of hard work (well it depends on the days…) and after the broadcast of two titles of mine «Girls like men playing guitar» and «Jungle under the mountain» on Radio SRF Virus, I am now ready to send the rest of my work in a studio here in London ! However that is not for free (sob). In addition to the studio’s bill, I’d need some musicians, singers and sound engineers so that I can complete and release perfect clean titles !

Great but.. what for ?

Chill out ? Well no ! I am going to release a new title monthly (about 13 titles, therefore 13 months, yes I was good at math back to school) and then, releasing a full album including original tracks that were not released during these 13 months (do you follow ? because I am lost now…) And then maybe, I say maybe, I can relax… for a day :-)

See ya !