«Je Suis»: Le Van solidaire

by Stephane


Support the «Je Suis» collective for the acquisition of a utility vehicle used to collect physical donations and to be able to redistribute them to people in need.

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«JE SUIS» who?

«JE SUIS» is a solidarity action that brings together and collects financial and physical donations for the poor. This action was born from a collaboration between a few active volunteers during the humanitarian action «Un Sac Pour Toi» aimed at helping homeless people.

Today the «JE SUIS» action has expanded its distribution area and offers its harvests to associations, collectives and life projects. «JE SUIS» is committed every day to the benefit of sustainable and responsible support for people in need and works in close collaboration with professionals in the sectors of help for humans, animals and the planet.

With the expansion of our fields of action and the quantity of material offered by our donors, we are currently limited in terms of transport. To date, the volunteers of the «Je Suis» collective use their private cars and with the increase in gasoline, the lack of space in city cars as well as the number of kilometers traveled have motivated the collective to invest in the acquisition of a utility. Since the collective dedicates all of these financial donations to people in need, we have to date no budget for the purchase of a used vehicle, which is why we had the idea of open this kitty.

«JE SUIS» redistributes its donation

The donations collected are redistributed in their entirety according to the needs of the moment as well as the choice of the donors to the various associations and/or collectives which intervene in the ethical fields that «JE SUIS» supports.

If the contributions for the purchase of a utility exceed our objective, we will redistribute all of it to the various actions carried out by the collective.

«JE SUIS» in action

Some examples of collective actions

UKRAINE 2022 - ON THE ROAD TO UKRAINE Part of the equipment has been deposited in an association which ensures that the Ukrainians arrive here without missing anything. The rest left for the refugee camps on the Ukrainian borders. The money for Inna was entirely split between her and these girls. Financial donations in favor of Ukraine will be used for the purchase of specific equipment and as needed.

A BAG FOR YOU In December 2020, the «Un Sac Pour Toi» action collected nearly CHF 10,000.00 in physical and financial donations and redistributed this amount in its entirety to various Lausanne and Veveysanne associations helping the homeless, with the support logistics of the collective «L’ARMOIR A COUVERTURES».

A SWEET FOR CHRISTMAS The 2020 end-of-year celebrations were disrupted for many people, including the elderly, who were deprived of visits. It was then that Myriam, Céline and Martine cooked cookies and caramels. These little sachets made with love were distributed in two residences to bring a little warmth and softness.