Jegan, a short film

by Keerthigan Sivakumar


Through Jegan's experience, this film exposes the brutal consequences of an autoimmune disease using a particular cinematographic language: the fantasy genre.

CHF 2’120

132% of CHF 1’600

"132 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

30 backers

Successfully concluded on 20/2/2019

This is what it's all about.

Some time after I arrived in Switzerland, I discovered that I had Meniere’s disease. Until then, I had not yet developed any symptoms: dizziness, tinnitus, absent-mindedness. The disease can lead to partial or total deafness.

I lived and slept in an isolated bunker (a civil protection shelter for asylum seekers) in a village located in the mountains. I lived with about ten other asylum seekers whom I did not know. One night, a loud buzzing sound suddenly settled in my ears. This feeling invaded me. I started to get extremely stressed and sweaty. An extreme anxiety gripped me all night long.

Since then I have got used to living with this disease despite years of suffering the serious consequences.

Throughout this film, I express what I experience inside during a crisis: the struggle I have had to fight. I felt the need to show what, until then, I had been the only one to feel and understand.

This is how the idea of «JEGAN» came about: through my own experiences.

What is so special about my project?

This film is not built on a linear narrative framework, but by joining together particular selected pieces. What I show are the most intense moments that my main character, Jegan, goes through when he discovers the symptoms of this disease that catch him off guard: he learns to decipher them, get to know them, apprehend them.

I have chosen a fantasty-oriented approach to deal with these particular points:

  • The apprehension of the disease
  • The emotions generated
  • The human relationships

This is what I need backing for.

We need you to complete the project!

We spent a wonderful amount of energy to shoot some 9 scenes in a few days: it was not without cost.

A generous team allowed us to finalize the shots, but we still have to do the editing and post-production, as well as some special effects. I would also like to thank all the people who volunteered, including about 30 figurants, and reimburse the cost of equipment rental.

In addition to a broken table, a broken ceiling lamp, equipment damaged due to difficult shooting conditions: rain and cold, we also incurred costs to bring our main actor from Berlin.

The team, which had up to 18 people on certain days, had to be fed, housed, driven, parked as well as equipment moved, decor installed etc… etc.. etc…. So my budget has taken a nosedive and it is humbly that I ask you to support my project.

The shooting is over but the debts are due!

Expenses for parking, petrol, a large part of food purchases and a part of post-production (VFX and music composition) still have to be paid!

Composition of the team

story and screenplay : Keerthigan Sivakumar
assistant direction : Aurelie Schopfer
acteurs : Richard Manualpillai, Giulia Crecenzi & Katia Pahud technique camera : Aurel Ganz & Jann Kessler
sound : Michaela Theus & Charlène Girel
lights : Rafael Lopez, Carlos Tapia & Myriam Guynenard
set design : Eugénie Constantin & Mariana Nanzer
make-up : Joséphine Clément & Sujanah Nallaiah
food services : Leo Cerone, Sujeerthan & Nora Longatti
video editing : Thibault Rodrigeus
sound editing : Théodora Menthonnex
special effects (VFX) : Sylvain Scrangella
color grading : Aurel Ganz
other driving forces : Sujeepan Paramanayagam, Claudia Pessina & Vithyaah Subramaniam

When should the film be ready for?

The film, supervising by director Yann Gonzalez. We should complete the post-production of the film before the end of February 2019.