EP production, tour and merchandise

Hello everybody. I’m Jeremy Apart. Pop-rock singer/songwriter. After more than 10 years as a hobby musician in the singer/songwriter genre and in different bands, I decided to make my own music just over 6 months ago and made the best decision of my life: I quit my job to spend every single second of my life to pay attention to the thing that fulfills me. Music!

Now it’s time for the professional arranging and mixing of the songs. These are written. The first recordings are done. Now it’s time to get started! Recordings, Mixings, Masterings, Merchandise. Tour Booking. And so on.

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Again a «singer-songwriter»?

Not really. After spending more than 10 years on stage with nothing but a guitar, I’ve noticed more and more that I’m missing something. I wanted more. Much more. More possibilities, more room for experimentation. More BOOM! It took some time. But now I have found what I have been looking for a long time.

Pop-rock singer/songwriter!

With a loop station and various guitar effects I build my songs live on stage and thus create an ambience which according to statements of some spectators can keep up with many bands. A baseline, drum samples, a rhythm guitar paired with a voluminous voice. And then… A guitar solo with distortion. The atmosphere at my shows changes from heart-rending ballads to sweaty pop-rock songs that encourage people to dance and sing along.

For that I need your help

This WeMakeIt campaign does not only finance the professional production of the 5 songs and the CD pressing. It also finances a music video for the song «How Could I», merchandise (among other things, for the rewards of the supporters) and the cost of covering the upcoming concert tours.