What’s about?


Jetlakes, a pop-rock band, needs your help to continue recording new songs!

This 4-song EP album will be recorded, mixed, mastered at a cost of approx. 5000 CHF. We’ve already financed two songs and a video clip which helped us get known and appreciated by the public and music professionals.

This next EP album should be finished by the end of September 2014. We will self finance the pressing and the video clip of one of these song, unless our fundraising goal is exceeded of course. After this we plan to prepare our next album for an early 2015 release. This new album will contain the 4 EP songs and 2 other songs previously released.


Drawing influence from of the U.S. Rock scene, from Linkin Park to Imagine Dragons, without forgetting new-gen Britpop dynamos Arctic Monkeys, we are inventing our own lofty style with resonances deeply rooted in rock.

Make up your own mind by visiting our Youtube and Soundcloud channel…


The story of Jetlakes is that of five young music lovers: Alex, singer and the group’s pianist, David on the bass guitar, Arthur on drums and Yannick and Romain on guitars.
Friends for over 10 years, the Jetlakes musicians have gained valuable experience playing live on over 150 stages, most notably the Guitar en Scene festival (France) and the Reservoir club in Paris. And more recently, the One FM Star Night at the Arena in Geneva.

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Forthcoming gigs:

  • 5th of July - Festival Rock/Country Darwin (GE)
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Past gigs:

  • 19th of June: One FM Star Night in Arena (GE)
  • 21st of June: «Fête de la musique» in Douvaine (FR)
  • 25th of June - Théâtre du Léman (unplugged) (GE) at 19h30
  • 25th of June - Thon’Estival at «la salle des fêtes de Thônex» (GE) at 21h30
  • 26th of June - Festival du Baobab (unplugged) (GE) at 21h30
  • 27th of June - Mondial de Football at «Fanzone des Vernets» (GE) at 20h
  • 28th of June - Maradon with Amel Bent in Palladium (GE)

Why are we crowd-funding?

To record, mix and master a 4-song EP album for a September 2014 release.
All extra funds will go towards filming a video clip.