What is Sakiba?

Sakiba stands for jewelry to feel good with, combined with appreciation and deceleration.

Sakiba was created out of two desires: first of all, to create humane and sustainable working conditions for women in Africa. Secondly, my lifelong dream to finally realize my thousands of creative ideas.

We are working in the very special traditional craft of bead crochet with tiny bohemian glass beads. We revisited this challenging technique and taught it to women in Togo. Thus we create contemporary, versatile jewelry with pure shapes and strong colours.

Sakiba and the women in Westafrica

We have been able to create sustainable jobs with fair pay and good working conditions for the women in Togo/West Africa. Before that, they had no profession and thus were without any prospects.

So since 2010 we work with these women and for their dignity and autonomy. We started with Bernadette, meanwhile they are seven. And with your help they could soon be many more! With the help of the work we are able to offer them they can not only take care of their family and send their children to school, they also contribute significantly to the economic stabilization of their social environment.

We are there regularly ourselves to make sure not only that their living- and working conditions are humane, but also that they are able to manage the fruit of their labor themselves. We accompany and support them in any technical, organizational and social question.

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Who stands behind Sakiba?

We – that is on the one hand me, the designer, Susanne Gstettner and my coworkers in Vienna, and on the other hand Patrick Atta, who is in charge of the production in Togo and coaches the women that work with us. In Vienna we are responsible for the design, the finishing and sales of our jewelry. Patrick takes care of any concern, the coordination of the work, payment and generally supports the women.

It has now been seven years since we started our project part-time without any funds, but with all the more enthousiasm. Thanks to much work and 100% reinvestment, over the years sakiba has grown sufficiently to enable us to dedicate ourselves fully to it.

Sakiba and Weltladen

Since the end of 2016, we are officially a happy deliverer for the fair trade shops «Weltladen» in the whole of Austria. This will enable us to create a minimum of 15 additional jobs in Togo.

So why do we need your support?

And this is when you come into play! We invite you to support us with our project. We speak up for the dignity and independence of women. Help us to teach another 15 women in Togo our craft and subsequently give them a sustainable job with a regular income and stability in their everyday life.

In order to guarantee sustainability, we are extremely concerned about setting high quality standards. Because our clients should not only buy sakiba-jewelry to help, but also take home a piece they will be able to pass on over generations.


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Die Belohnungen

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